Merchant of Venice quotes THE ELOPEMENT OF JESSICA

Our house is hell Jessica expressing her hatred of living with her father Act 2, scene 3
Here you me Jessica, lock up my doors Shylock care more about his possessions than Jessica, but he trusts her Act 2, scene 5
But though I am a daughter to his blood, I am not to his manners Jessica isn’t a typical Jew unlike her father act 2, scene 3
What Jessica. What Jessica. Why Jessica I say Repetition, Shylock is focussed on his daughter but they aren’t that close act 2 scene 5
Do as I bid you Superior, he is her master act 2 scene 5
To gaze on Christian fools with varnish’d faces Ironic as Shylock has no idea about Lorenzo act 2 scene 5
Jessica my girl Father daughter relationship act 2 scene 5
I have a father, you a daughter lost Sense of leaving him act 2 scene 5
Here catch this casket Giving Lorenzo all her money act 2, scene 6
A gentle and no Jew Gentile double meaning. Well brought up and not Jewish. Anti Semitic Gratiano act 2, scene 6
When I was with him, I have heard him swear to Tubal and Chus, his countrymen, that he would rather have Antonio’s flesh than twenty times the value of the sum Extreme betrayal on Jessica’s part. Act 3, scene 2