Merchant of Venice Acts 1-3 Review

Antonio merchant whose love for his friend Bassanio prompts him to sign Shylock’s contract and almost lose his life. He is beloved of his friends and proves merciful to Shylock, albeit with conditions.
Bassanio Gentleman of Venice and kinsman and dear friend to Antonio. His love for the wealthy Portia leads him to borrow money from Shylock with Antonio as his guarantor
Lorenzo friend of Bassanio and Antonio. He is in love with Shylock’s daughter, Jessica
Gratiano friend of Bassanio who accompanies him
Portia Wealthy heiress from Belmont. Her beauty is matched only by her intelligence
Nerissa Portia’s maid, fiancĂ© of Gratiano
Jessica Shylock’s daughter
Shylock Jewish moneylender in Venice. Angered by his mistreatment at the Venice’s demanding a pound of Antonio’s flesh as penalty for Antonio’s defaulting on a loan
Lancelot servant to Shylock and later to Bassanio
Old Gobbo Lancelot’s father, also a servant in Venice
Prince of Morocco Picks the gold casket and tells Portia not to judge him because of his dark complexion
Prince of Aragon An arrogant Spanish nobleman who also attempts to win Portia’s hand by picking the casket. Chooses the silver casket because he thought he deserved her
Salanio venetian gentleman, and friend of Antonio, Bassanio, and Lorenzo
Salario/Salarino Ventian gentleman counterparts to each other
usury Act of charging interest on a loan
comedy Story has a happy ending, usually invoking marriages between unmarried characters are present
soliloquy character’s inner thoughts (truthful) spoken around in the audience, no other characters are present
aside charcter’s inner thoughts spoken aloud; other characters are present but cannot hear the spoken thoughts
Lancelot Gobbo clown and servant to Shylock
Old Gobbo blind father whose disrespectful child likes to play tricks on him
Prince Of Morocco A Moorish prince who seeks Portia’s hand in marriage. The prince of Morocco asks Portia to ignore his dark complexion and seeks to win her by picking one of the three caskets.
Lancelot originally the servant of Shylock. Later in the play he leaves Shylock and starts to work for Bassanio instead.
Salerio A Venetian gentleman and messenger.
Jessica will disguise herself as Lorenzo’s torchbearer
Lancelot takes a letter from Jessica to give to Lorenzo