Mental Health in Hamlet

depression definition serious mental illness characterized by a long term feeling of hopelessness and sadness
schizophrenia chronic brain disorder – delusions, hallucinations, difficulty concentrating
bipolar disorder a mental heath condition that causes extreme mood swings (emotional highs and lows)
passive-aggressive personality disorder “unassertive” expression of negative sentiments, feelings of anger, and resentfulness
mental illness in Hamlet (character) depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, passive-aggressive personality disorder
mental illness in Ophelia depression
How does Ophelia attempt to cope with her depression? picks flowers in correspondence with emotions towards certain people
some symptoms of schizophrenia displayed by Hamlet depression/social withdrawal, hostility/ suspiciousness, deterioration of personal hygiene
guilt stops Hamlet from performing his original act of revenge
Who was said to be the most guilt ridden person in Hamlet? Claudius
Whose death is believed to have been a suicide? Ophelia
Which parent left Hamlet feeling neglected? Gertrude
Why did Hamlet feel neglected? others began to shut out Hamlet after he started to display signs of mental illness
emotional neglect a parent fails to see, know, or understand their child as they really are
reasoning behind emotional neglect: neglected themselves, poverty, sickness, inexperienced
neglect an ongoing pattern of inadequate care