McAuley Barbee English II Great Gatsby The Social Register & Quotes

Myrtle Wilson “I married him because I thought he was a gentleman.”
George Wilson “I’m sick. Been sick all day. I’m all run down. I’ve been here too long. I want to get away. My wife and I want to go west.”
Nick Carraway about Gatsby “They’re a rotten crowd. You’re worth a whole bunch put together”
Nick Carraway “I found myself on Gatsby’s side and alone.”
Gatsby “I’m going to tell you something about my life.”
Gatsby “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can.”
Gatsby’s interests be near Daisy (why he has parties)
Gatsby’s accomplishments his dream (which is his only saving quality)
Myrtle’s sister Who is Catherine?
Daisy’s appearance wears white for innocence
Daisy & Jordan’s hometown Louisville, KY
Daisy’s accomplishments daughter named Pammy
Daisy “Our white girl hood was passed together there.”
Daisy “I’ve been everywhere and seen everything and done everything.”
Jordan’s accomplishments pro-golfer
Jordan’s mannerism liar, dishonest (ex: engagement)
Nick Carraway about Jordan “incurably dishonest”
Tom’s education Yale
Tom’s mannerism violent outburts
Gatsby to Tom “Your wife doesn’t love you.”
Nick Carraway’s age of 30 he feels that his life is passing him by
Nick’s education Yale
Nick “I decided to go east and learn about the bond business.”
George Wilson’s accomplishment owner of a garage in the valley of ashes

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