Marc Literature MacBeth Act 2

ambition What is the theme for Act 2?
soliloquy A long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage
antagonist A character or force in conflict with the main character
Blank verse Poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter.
Iambic Pentamter the meter Shakespeare always used; 2 syllables
Tragic hero A literary character who makes an error of judgment or has a fatal flaw that, combined with fate and external forces, brings on a tragedy.
rhyme Repetition of sounds at the end of words
dramatic irony type of irony in which the reader knows more then the character
What happens to MacBeth when Banquo leaves him alone after their late-night conversation in scene I? MB sees a dagger suspended in midair leading him to Duncan’s room. He hears a bell which is his wife’s signal to commit the murder
After MacBeth has murdered Duncan, how does he seem to feel about what he did? MB has lost his courage and isn’t himself and feels afraid and guilty
In scene 3, Lennox describes strange events in nature that reflect the events in MBs castle. At the beginning of Scene 4, Ross and an old man discuss the strange events of the night. List some of the events. Violent wind blows down chimneystrange screams and soundsowl screeches in the nightearth shakes
Why does MB kill the king’s servants? He framed them for Duncan’s murder
What is MacDuff’s reaction to the flight of Duncan’s sons? MacDuff is suspicious and suggests that they are greedy and may have ___ the servants to commit murder
Sound effects:The bell at the end of Scene 1 tells you what? MB will row murder Duncan
Sound effects:The knocking in Scene 2 and 3 tells you waht? Lennox and MacDuff are arriving
In Sene 1 lines 33-47 Macbeth is talking directly to a daggar. This figure of speech tells what? MB is going mad
In Sene 2, Lady MB tells MB that he is foolish and childish. What two words describe Lady MacBeth?
Describe what Macbeth does after Duncan’s body is discovered. Pretands to be enraged
Describe what Lady Macbeth does after Duncan’s body is discovered. Puts on a fake face of suprise
blood = guilt
Sleep = peace of mind
Darkness= evil
Describe Macbeth’s general state of mind after the murders. jumpyshockGuilt
the dagger is… a hallucination that causes MB to draw his real dagger
Loyalty is more important to Banquo than… ambition
Why does Macduff compare the murdered Duncun to a Gorgan? Anyone that saw a Gorgan turned to stone and when people looked at Duncan they froze in shock.
Why doesn’t Macduff tell Lady MB what has happened? He ironically doesn’t want for it to hurt her or surprise too bad.
What are the strange things the old man discusses? the screams and noises

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