major themes in othello (and a few examples of symbolism)

appearance vs reality Especially relevant to the issue of Iago’s character; for although he is called “honest” by almost everyone in the play, he is treacherous, deceitful, and manipulative. Also applies to Desdemona, as Othello believes that she is deceitful and impure, although she is really blameless and innocent.
race is an extremely important theme; it has a great amount of influence on how people regard Othello‹for those who distrust black people merely on looks never like Othello, like Iago. this also determines how Othello perceives himself as a rough outsider, though he is nothing of the sort. this sets othello apart, and makes him very self-conscious; it makes him work hard and look carefully after his reputation, so he is regarded as equal to the white people that surround him.
pride Especially important with regards to Othello; Othello is defensively proud of himself and his achievements, and especially proud of the honorable appearance he presents. The allegations of Desdemona’s affair hurt his pride even more than they inflame his vanity and jealousy; he wants to appear powerful, accomplished, and moral at every possible instance, and when this is almost denied to him, his wounded pride becomes especially powerful.
magic Usually has something to do with Othello’s heritage. Othello is charged with using magic to woo Desdemona, merely because he is black, and therefore, “pagan.” Yet, Othello does have real magic, in the words he uses and the stories he tells. Magic also reappears when Desdemona’s handkerchief cannot be found; Othello has too much trust in the symbolism and charm of the handkerchief, which is why the object is so significant to him.
order vs chaos As Othello begins to abandon reason and language, chaos takes over. His world begins to be ruled by chaotic emotions and very shady allegations, with order pushed to one side. This chaos rushes him into tragedy, and once Othello has sunk into it, he is unable to stop his fate from taking him over.
self-knowledge Othello’s lack of self-knowledge makes him easy prey for Iago. Once Iago inflames Othello’s jealousy and gets the darker aspects of Othello’s nature into action, there is nothing Othello can do to stop it, since he cannot even admit that he has these darker traits.
honesty Although the word “honest” is usually used in an ironic way throughout the text, most characters in the play go through a crisis of learning who and who not to trust. Most of them, unfortunately, trust in Iago’s honesty; this leads to the downfall of many characters, as this trust in Iago’s “honesty” became a crucial contributor to their undoing.
misrepresentation This also allows Iago to gain trust and manipulate other people; misrepresentation means that Iago is able to appear to be “honest,” in order to deceive and misdirect people. Othello also misrepresents himself, as being simple and plain-spoken; this is not for deceptive effect, but also is used to present an image of himself which is not exactly the truth.
good vs evil Though there is much gray area between these two, Iago’s battle against Othello and Cassio certainly counts as an embodiment of this theme. Iago and his evil battle to corrupt and turn the flawed natures of other characters, and he does succeed to some extent. By the end of the play, neither has won, as Desdemona and Emilia are both dead, and Iago revealed and punished.
9 how many themes?
everything was orderly storm came up turks died but symbolically with the event of the storm everything on the island of cyprus was stormy and out of place and ready to be ruined (cassios reputaiton desdamona’s marriage etc.) explain the symbolism of the storm
something precious valuable desdamona is refered to jewel by her father roderigo is thinking that iago is giving her jewels her affection can be bought reputation is jewel of his soul explain the symbolism of the jewel
it symbolized marriage (the fate of your marriage lies in the handkerchief) it has a spell on it if you keep it in your possession your marriage will flourish and be happy if you lose the handkerchief your marriage will be lost also explain the symbolism of the handkerchief