Major Characters of Othello

Brabantio – Desdemona’s father- friend of Othello, Brabanzio feels betrayed when the general marries his daughter in secret.- Venetian senator
Clown – Othello’s servant-speeches distort and foreshadow the main plot
Othello – Christian Moor- general of armies in Venice- highly respected- easy prey to insecurities because of his age, his life as a soldier, and his race
Desdemona – daughter of the Venetian senator Brabantio- she and Othello are secretly married- While pure and meek, Desdemona is also determined and self-possessed- defends her marriage at all costs
Iago – Othello’s ensign- villain of the play – 28 years old- Does not like that Othello moved up to Lieutenant- manipulative- He envies Cassio’s position in Othello”s army
Cassio – Othello’s lieutenant- high position is resented by Iago- Truly devoted to Othello- Cassio is extremely ashamed of losing his position due to getting drunk- Iago uses Cassio’s youth, good looks, and friendship with Desdemona to play on Othello’s insecurities about Desdemona’s fidelity
Emilia – Iago’s wife – Desdemona’s attendant- cynical and worldly- doesn’t trust Iago
Roderigo – jealous suitor of Desdemona- Roderigo gives Iago all his money, in hopes Iago will help him win Desdemona’s hand – backs up Iago when killing Cassio, because Cassio is competition in winning over Desdemona
Bianca – prostitute- favorite customer is Cassio, who teases her with promises of marriage
Duke of Venice – authority in Venice- has great respect for Othello as a public and military servant- reconciled Othello and Brabanzio in Act I, scene iii, and then to sent Othello to Cyprus
Montano – governor of Cyprus before Othello- We see him first in Act II, as he recounts the status of the war and awaits the Venetian ships
Lodovico – One of Brabantio’s kinsmen- Acts as a messenger from Venice to Cyprus- He arrives in Cyprus in Act IV with letters announcing that Othello has been replaced by Cassio as governor
Gratiano – Brabantio’s kinsman who accompanies Lodovico to Cyprus – Amidst the chaos of the final scene, Graziano mentions that Desdemona’s father has died