Macbeth vocal #2

Avaricious def Greedy and jealous
Avaricious tense Adj
Avaricious sentence I grant him bloody/luxurious, AVARICIOUS, false deceitful
Bestow def To present as a gift or honor (usually bestow upon)
Bestow tense Verb
Bestow sentence We hear our bloody cousins are BESTOWED
Blaspheme def To curse or speak disrespectfully of God or his religion
Blaspheme tense Verb
Blaspheme sentence By his own interdiction stands accursed and does BLASPHEME his breed
Desolate def Barren or lifeless (usually a landscape)
Desolate tense Adj
Desolate sentence Let us seek out some DESOLATED shade and there weep our sad bosoms empty
Diminutive def Very small
Diminutive tense Adj
Diminutive sentence For the poor wren the most DIMINUTIVE birds will fight
Intemperance def Overindulgence of food and drink, excessive passion
Intemperance tense Noun
Intemperance sentence Boundless INTEMPERANCE in nature is a tyranny it hath been
Pernicious def Dangerous, threatening to cause damage or harm
Pernicious tense Adj
Pernicious sentence The avarice sticks deeper grows with more PERNICIOUS root
Posterity def Future generations
Posterity tense Noun
Posterity sentence It should not stand in thy POSTERITY but that myself should be the root and father of many kings
Rebuked def Critiqued sharply
Rebuked tense Verb
Rebuked sentence My genius is REBUKED as it is said mark Antony’s was by caesar
Transpose def To reverse the order of things
Transpose tense Verb
Transpose sentence That which you are my thoughts cannot TRANSPOSE

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