Macbeth vocabulary sentences

deign The famous chef would not deign to eat at the mall food court.
rapt The band had the audiences rapt attention as their songs were very moving while also entertaining
chastise The mother chastised the young child for having poor manners when they were out to dinner.
trammel The small town trammeled Julie because she felt that she could not escape to live the life she had always planned on living.
mettle Ben tested his mettle on the football field by facing up against boys who were bigger and stronger than him.
augment The english department in the school should be augmented with a “21st century, YA literature” class.
quench After a long run I can quench my thirst with either a water or gatorade.
surfeit Ironically, the surfeit of food in farms after wwi was just the beginning of the great depression, as prices plummeted and banks loans could not be paid.
multitudinous/multitude The OHS Intersessions program gives students a multitude of options to choose from.
Sacrilegious/sacrilege Rabbi Scoff approached me as I munched on my BLT kindly reminding me that it is sacrilegious to eat bacon in a synagogue.
verity The researchers wanted to confirm the verity of their “evolution” theory.
indissoulable My friendship with my twin sister, Dana is indissoluble.
rancor The rancor between the Montagues and the Capulets led to death and destruction.
incense/incensed Mrs. Woods was incensed when she found out Tiger had been cheating on her.
cloister/cloistered Nuns are cloistered in their convent for their entire lives.
entrails I could hardly look at David’s picture on Instagram of him sitting on a dead dear which had its entrails spilling out of its abdomen.
resolute President Woodrow Wilson was resolute about having congress sign the treaty of versailles with no changes.
pernicious My parents tell me I should always tell the truth because lies have a pernicious effect.
judicious Allie was judicious in her use of complex vocabulary while writing her “Macbeth” essay because she didn’t want to sound like she was taking words straight from the thesaurus.
avarice The woman who embezzled thousands of dollars from her employer was motivated by avarice.
equivocate I will stand by what I know is ethically correct and I not equivocate.
lecherous There is a lecherous old man who lives on my street. Every time he drives by he yells to my mom, “hey honey want a ride” and my mom gets really nervous and scared.
apparition I was afraid to say bloody marry three times while spinning around, looking in a mirror, at midnight on halloween, in fear that an apparition of bloody Marry would appear in front of me.
sanctity/sanctified The sanctity of the church was spoiled by the fist fight that happened between two members.
transpose In Harry Potter, the name “Tom Marvolo Riddle” can be transposed to form the sentence “I am Lord Voldemort”. This is how we find out the the heir of Slytherin is Voldemort while simultaneously finding out that tom riddle is the the same person as Voldemort.
ecstasy I cold tell by Elissa’s grin on her face as she walked down the isle, she was in a pure state of ecstasy and that today was the greatest day of her life.
harbinger Many people say that a bird pooping on your shoulder is a harbinger for good fortune.
carouse When John got married, his carousing days were over.
grapple Because it was difficult for April to grapple with the fact that she had cancer, she refrained from telling her family of the news for many days.
cleave The little boy did not want his mother to leave him at preschool, so he cleaved to her leg.