Macbeth Vocabulary (Ms. Sato, Western Culture A)

Plight (noun) Condition, State, or Situation
Disdain (verb) To look upon with scorn or disapproval
Brandish (verb) To shake, wave, or flourish
Valor (noun) Boldness, Determination, or Bravery
Direful (adjective) Dreadful, Awful, Terrible
Assault (noun)(verb) A sudden and violent attack
Dismay (verb) to alarm or perturb (the definition of perturb is to worry)
Dismal (adjective) Causing gloom or melancholy
Lavish (verb) Giving in great amounts
Disburse (verb) to pay out, distribute, or expend
Prophetic (adjective) Portentous, ominous (the definition of ominous is threatening)
Corporal (adjective) Of the body
Venture (noun) A risky undertaking
Vantage (noun) An advantage
Rapt (verb) Engrossed
Enkindle (verb) to enflame, to evoke enthusiasm
Recompense (verb) to repay or reward
Valiant (adjective) Boldly courageous or brave
Commendation (noun) Praise or recommendation
Chastise (verb) To punish
Impede (verb) To prevent or hinder
Esteem (verb)(noun) To hold in high regard or respect
Mettle (noun) strength, resolve, fortitude
Clamor (noun) a loud noise
Captivity (noun) The state of being imprisoned or enslaved
Restrain (verb) prevent or keep under control
Repose (noun)(verb) to rest or sleep or to remain in a state of rest
Largesse (noun) generosity, gifts
cleave (verb) cut, split or sever
augment (verb) to increase or add to
Equivocate (verb) use of ambiguous language to conceal the truth
Requite (verb) to return (a favor, service, or wrongdoing)
Lament (verb)(noun) to mourn, or an expression of sorrow
Dire (adjective) extremely serious, urgent
Sacrilegious (adjective) disrespectful to something holy, blasphemous
Countenance (noun) face or facial expression
Breach (noun)(verb) a break or gap
Predominance (noun) the state of being greater
Chide (verb) to scold or rebuke
Rancor (noun) bitterness or resentfulness

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