Macbeth Vocabulary list

Disdain POS: Noun Etymology: Definition: Contempt, Scorn
Deign POS: VerbEtymology: Middle EnglishDefinition: to condescend or to stoop. to do something that is considered beneath one’s dignity
Dun POS: verb Etymology:Defintion: to plague or pester
Chastise POS:Etymology:Defintion: to punish especially bodily . To censure severally
Chalice POS:Noun Etymology:Defintion: a drinking cup especially the Eucharistic cup
Cherub POS: Noun Etymology:Definition: An angel of the second highest rank
Flout POS: Verb Etymology:Definition: to treat with contemptuous disregard
Harbinger POS: NounEtymology:Definition: One that announces or four shadows what is comingSentence:
Implore POS: VerbEtymology:Definition: beg, plead and supplicate Sentence:
Mettle POS:Etymology:Definition: quality of temperament, courage Sentence: the competition will test her mettle
Palpable POS:Etymology: Definition: capable of being touched our felt, tangible Sentence:
Peerless POS: Etymology:Definition: having no equal, matchless Sentence:
Rapt POS: AdjectiveEtymologyDefinition: carried away with emotion, engrossed Sentence:
Repose POS: verbEtymology:Definition: to place (trust) in someone Sentence:
Rapine POS: Noun Etymology:Definition: plunder, pillage
Solicit POS: VerbEtymology:Definition: to approach with a request or a plea ; try to obtain something from someone Sentence:
Undaunted POS: Adjective Etymology:Definition: not discourage or dismayed ; bold , brave or brilliantSentence:
Thane POS: Noun Etymology Definition retainer of an Anglo-Saxon lord Sentence
Trifle POS: Noun Etymology:Definition: something of little value or importance Sentence

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