Macbeth Vocabulary – Hailey Watson

hail To acclaim or approve enthusiastically.
noble Belonging to a class with high social or political status.
earnest Showing sincere and intense conviction.
palpable To be able to be touched or felt. Or something to be so intense it can almost be touched or felt.
stealthy To behave, or do something in a cautious and secretive manner, to not be seen or heard.
equivocate To use ambiguous language to hide the truth or avoid committing yourself.
carouse To drink large amounts of alcohol, and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy and lively way.
provoke To purposely incite someone, or make someone annoyed or angry.
dauntless Showing fearlessness and determination.
fate Something destined to happen, or act in a particular way
barefaced Shameless, and undisguised.
malice The intention or desire to do evil, having a wrongful intention.
mockery An imitation, or misrepresentation of someone or something;or teasing someone.
gruel A thin liquid food of oatmeal or other meal boiled in milk or water.
anguish To be in severe mental or physical pain, or to be suffering.