Macbeth Vocabulary Crossword

Flourish thrive, prosper
Jocund cheerful, lighthearted
Chastise punish, make fun of
Malice ill will, intention to do evil
Pernicious having harmful effect
Brandish wave in the air
Valiant brave, galant, courageous
Dauntless fearless
Parricide killing of a parent or relative
Lament mourn, moan, wail
Augment increase in size
Avaricious extremely greedy
Equivocate lie, conceal or hide the truth
Abhor loathe
Abjure deny, renounce
Provoke stimulate, arouse, incite
Disburse pay out
Purge purify, cleanse, be/get rid of
Treason betray someone or something

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