Macbeth Vocabulary Act 2

Augment (definition) verb – to maker larger; increase
Suborn (definition) verb – to bribe or induce someone unlawfully to perform some misdeed
Requite (definition) verb – to make repayment, retaliate, or return
Palpable (definition) adjective – tangible, readily or plainly seen
Scruple (definition) noun/ verb – a moral or ethical consideration or standard that act as a restraining force or inhibits certain actions; small portion/ hesitate at
Augment (sentence) In order to augment Macbeth’s possibility of becoming king, he needed to kill King Duncacn.
Suborn (sentence) Lady Macbeth suborned Macbeth into killing King Duncan by criticizing his manhood.
Requite (sentence) There is no way that Macbeth can requite for what he did to King Duncan.
Palpable (sentence) While Macbeth was waiting for the bell to ring, he saw a dagger he thought was palpable
Scruple (sentence) Macbeth’s guilt was a scruple to his murdering schemes.