Macbeth Vocab Week 2

Avaricious Definition having or showing extreme wealth or material gain
Avaricious Antonym generous
Avaricious Sentence johnny refused to bow down to the corrupt and avaricious king
Brandish Definition wave or flourish as a threat, or in anger or excitement
Brandish Antonyms abandon, conceal
Brandish Sentence brandishing her sword, carol rode into battle on her last horse
Compunction Definiton a feeling of guilt that follows the doing of something bad; a pricking of the conscience
Compunction Antonyms happiness, defiance
Compunction Sentence sammy decided to send the money with compunction
Covet Definition yearn to possess or have something
Covet Antonyms dislike, abjure
Covet Sentence the president-elect covets the power to remove immigration leniency
Disdain Definition (1 and 2) the feeling that someone is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect; considered unworthy of one’s consideration or respect
Disdain Defintion (3) refuse or reject something out of a feeling of pride or superiority
Disdain Antonym respect
Disdain Sentence she remained standing, pointedly disdaining his open invitation for a seat

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