Macbeth Vocab Test

potent definition- powerful, having a strong effectThey gave me a potent pain killer to stop the throbbing sensation in my leg.
profundity definition- profound knowledge, intellectual depthEinstein had a profundity that was admired by all.
pruveyours definition- one who provides or procuresThe purveyors were able to get all sorts of things for their Army division.
rend definition- to tear violently, to splitHe tried to rend the flag as a protest against the war.
requite definition- to make repayment or to returnThe girl suffered a broken heart from unrequited love.
sanctify definition- to set apart for sacred use, to make holy, to purifyA priest sanctifies water by blessing it.
sentinel definition- one who keeps guard as a sentryThe oak tress hovered over the house as sentinels.
sieve definition- a utensil for sifting or strainingThe manager complained that his second baseman fielded ground balls like a sieve.
surfeited definition- fed or supplied to excessI was surfeited after having eaten so much food at the banquet.
temperate definition- exercising self-controlSeeing the devastating effects of alcohol on his father, he was temperate in his own liquor consumption.
wanton definition- immoral, lewdHe had to drop out of the presidential race when his wanton behavior was exposed.

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