Macbeth Vocab (definition, syn/ant, and practice sentences)

Antidote Something that relives the effect of poison
Augment To make greater or to supplement
Augury An omen or prophecy
Avarice Greed for wealth
Balm A soothing substance or one that relives grief
Bane A source of harm or destruction
Baneful Harmful or destructive
Antidote Antonym of “poison”
Avarice Synonym of “cupidity”
Avarice Antonym of “generosity”
Augment Antonym of “to diminish”
Balm Antonym of “irritant”
Baneful Synonym of “deleterious”
Baneful Synonym of “detrimental”
Baneful Synonym of “noxious”
Baneful Synonym of “pernicious”
Bane Antonym of “benign influence”
Baneful Antonym of “harmless”
Antidote The rattle snake bit my leg and the paramedics brought me a(n) _____ to help take out the venom.
Augment He was tipsy from alcohol but took a few more shots to _______ his buzz.
Augury A psychic told me my ___ for my future.
Avarice My Nana has a lot of ____. When we were at our fancy,Hanukkah dinner she only tipped the waiter a dollar.
Balm I put __ on my arms after I got sunburnt at the beach.
Baneful When my mom told me I couldn’t vape, I explained to her that it isn’t ____ and that it is only water vapor.

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