Macbeth Vocab Act 1 and Act 2- definition

brandished to shake or wave menacingly
chastised to inflict verbal reprimand or punishment
cherubim an order of angels usually short and rotund (cupid-like in appearance)
dire dreadful, serious, warning of disaster
furbish to make lustrous, looking new; polish
harbinger something that warns or foreshadows what is to come
impede to obstruct of block
liege a lord or sovereign or one to who allegiance/ loyalty is owed
nave the central part of something (traditionally a church)
pall something that covers with dark or gloom (traditionally a covering for a casket)
recompense to award compensation/payment for
undaunted not discouraged
wanton immoral, unchaste or undisciplined
benison a blessing
carouse boisterous, drunken merry-making
equivocate to hedge or speak in ambiguities or subtle lies
knell the (ringing) sound of a bell
multitudinous very numerous; plentiful
sacrilegious disrespectful to anything held or regarded as sacred, holy, or important
scruple a principle or moral standard
suborned bribed
surfeit to feed or supply to fullness; satisfy
warrant authorization or certification