Macbeth Vocab

plight (noun)a dangerous, difficult, or unfortunate situationSynonyms: predicament, dilemmaExample Sentence: He was sorry her, because of her difficult plight.
brandish (verb)to wave or flourish something (especially a weapon); can be used as a threat or motivated by excitementSynonyms: flash, wield, flauntExample Sentence: He brandished his sword above his head as he ran into batte.
rapt (adj.)deeply engrossed or absorbed; transported with emotion (enraptured)Synonyms: absorbed, fascinatedExample Sentence: He was raptly thinking and clearly hadn’t heard anything I said.
corporal (adj.)relating to the bodySynonyms: carnal, physical, bodilyExample Sentence: Their methods were not limited to corporal torture, but included mental agitation in adition to the physical.
surmised (verb)to think or infer without certain or strong evidenceSynonyms: conjecture, guessExample Sentence: He surmised that they would be home soon, although he was completely lost.
peerless (adj.)having no equal; matchlessSynonyms: superior, bestExample Sentence: The peerless diamond was the most expensive in the world.
chastise (verb)to discipline (especially by corporal punishment)Synonyms: scold, disciplineExample Sentence: He will chastise you for your misbehavior, but he loves you.
impedes (verb)to interrupt and retard in progress by means of obstacles or hindrancesSynonyms: oobstruct, hinderExample Sentence: I felt frustrated when he sat next to me: He is nice, but his talking always impedes my progress, making simple tasks take forever.
chalice (noun)a drinking cup or goblet (especially for wine for Mass)Synonyms: cup, gobblet, vesselExample Sentence: They passed the chalice aroung the table, each drinking from it.
recompense (verb)to repay or make compensation for somethingSynonyms: atone, compensateExample Sentence: I will recompense the losses, no matter what the cost.
augment (verb)to make something greater by adding to it.Synonyms: amplify, enhanceExample Sentence: He needed to augment his argument if he wanted to win: It was lacking in support.
repose (noun)a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility; composureSynonyms: stillness, inactivityExample Sentence: The repose in his face would have convinced the most abject slave that all was right with the world.(verb)to lay or situate; or to be laying or situatedSynonyms: relax, recline, disposeExample Sentence: She dared not repose on the couch, in fear she may fall asleep.
prate (verb)to talk foolishly or tediously about somethingSynonyms: babbleExample Sentence: Do not prate like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.
palpable (adj.)able to be touched or handled; plain to seeSynonyms: concrete, tangible, apparent, evidentExample Sentence: The idea was palpable enough for everyone to grasp it with little explanation needed.
surfeit (noun/ verb)an excessive amount of somethingSynonyms: excess, plethora, overfillExample Sentence: There was a surfeit of socks and not enough feet to wear them.

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