Macbeth Tragic Hero Traits

Pillar of the Comminity in the war he is a hero, people look up to him, and he is promoted
Tragic Flaw he is too ambitious/ overconfident
Cannot be entirely good he begins to plan murders on his own he knows what he is doing is evil when he tries to hide it from dayhe kills Macduff’s family even though they were innocent he decides he has already killed enough, so why stop now
Cannot be entirely bad He originally decides twice not to commit the murders He fought honourably for his country He decides against killing himself at the end
Tragic Flaw must bring about his demise His ambition leads to him killing to become king which makes him the target of MacduffHe feels as though he cannot be defeated because of the prophecy
Must be aware the his wrong judgement brought about his downfall He realizes that the witches played himHe says the “bloody instrument returns to plague the inventor
The reader must see in his demise a sense of waste/ pity Macbeth talks about that being king isnt worth it feel bad for how he fell into the witch’s traphe talks about being alone and fralehis nobility at the end when he decides not to kill himsel