Macbeth Themes

List 5 major themes from Macbeth(Lessons author tries to teach you) -Murder leads to murder-Don’t be led a stray-Absolute power corrupts absolutely -Not everything is what is seems-Expect the unexpected
List seven important settings -The battle-The witches cave-Dunsinane castle -Duncan’s chambers -Duncan’s announcement regarding the future king-The forest where Banquo was killed -English military camp-Scone-Macduff’s castle(fyfe)-Dunsinane hill-Macbeth’s banquet
What year did the play take place?(1) -1087
When did Shakespeare write Macbeth? -1606
List five moods(what happened and how did you feel) -anger-confusion-suspense -sadness-guilt
What is the denouement of Macbeth?(end and how it makes you feel) I like the ending because it shows that no matter how powerful you are of you may think you are you can still be knocked down

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