Macbeth Test Review

What time period did Shakespeare live during? Elizabethan Era
Macbeth is what sort of play? Tragedy
The majority of the action takes place in what country? Scotland
In Act 1 the captain confirms that Macbeh is what type of warrior ? Brave
What pourpose do the witches serve in the first act? imagery, foreshadowing
What does Ross say that the original Thane of Cawador was? As a result what do they do to him? the King of Norway, kill him.
What do the witches prophesize that Macbeth will be? King
On pg. 316 know what lines 124-127 mean The agents of evil often tell us part of the truth in order to lead us to our destruction. They earn our trust by telling us the truth about little things, but then they betray us when it will damage us the most.
Who is rightful heir to king Duncans throne? Malcom
How did lady Macbeth learn of the witches predictions? macbeth told her
who planned duncans murder Lady Macbeth and Macbeth
why was Lady Macbeth undable to kill duncan because he reminded her of her father
why did macbeth refuse to return the daggers because they are bloody
who killed the guardsmen Macbeth
why do Malcome and Donalbain decide to flee They believe they could be next if the murderer is trying to take the thrown.
what are Macbeths and Lady Macbeths reactions once they become king and queen they get hysterical