Macbeth Test-Johnsmeyer

an if
anon soon; in a minute
but only
hie hurry
hither here
wither where
wherefore why
would wish
mettle stamina; quality of temperament
adage saying
harbinger precursor, foreshadows future
malevolence spite
countenance demeanor
pristine fresh and clean-not spoiled
chide scold
parley speak with (esp. an enemy)
balm healing ointment
avarice greed
corporal physical
dolor grief
consort associate
wanton unruly, lustful
confound to destroy, baffle
infirmity sickness, frailty
equivocate misleading or confusing language
stealthy furtive
augment enlarge or increase, make more intense
blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter, mimics linguistic patternsreserved for persons of HIGH SOCIAL STATUS…..lower social status people like the porter and gentlewoman spoke in PROSE
dramatis personae the cast of chracters; listing in Shakespeare depended on social status of the character
dramatic irony when the audience knows more than the charatcerex. Malcolm tells Macduff that Macbeth ‘has not touched you yet’ while in actuality we know that his family has been murdered
aside a remark made by a character and meant to be heard by the audience but not by other charactersex. Macbeth’s first soliloquy about killing Duncan or not
couplet auditory cue to a transition-audiences were auditory not visual, there were no curtains to signify the end of a scene etc
tragedy a work of drama that ends with the fall or death of a hero in conflict with forces beyond his control; the work usually arouses stong emotions in the audience such as fear, pity or regret
soliloquy like a monologue. A character’s speech to the audience that no one can hearex. macbeth debating to kill duncan
imagery CLOTHING imagery-paints a pic for audiences-sensory imagery
pun Double meaninf, for comic relief/ humor esp. after an intense scene like the murder of Duncanex. the porter use of ‘lie’ had a sexual innuendo-appealed to the lower class
the Stuarts King James’s family. They claimed Banquo as their ancestor (which is why he’s potrayed as good in the play). James was a cousin of Elizabeth, which is how they kept the natural order of kings.
Holinshed’s Chronicles The book tha served as Shaekespeare’s and many other historians main sources for the play. Has several differences to the way Shakepeare wrote Macebth.
differences in play versus real history -two wars combined into one (emphasize Macbeth’s military prowess and condense play)-Duncan killed by Banquo and Macbeth after defeat in battle (did not want to make Banquo evil)-Duncan is young and weak, not killed in his sleep (makes Macebeth seem more evil in his actions)-Lady Macbeth not mentioned (women were simply unimportant, Lady Macbeth is typically even listed in the dramatis personae below characters of much lower social status)-reigns for 17 years and is defeated by Malcolm (condenses history to make is shorter?)
When does Macbeth take place? Second half of 11th century
When and for what occasion was Macbeth written? For King James’ birthday in 1606. It is considered to be at the height of his play-writing abilities (beginning in 1594 i believe)
Church plays of…. miracle (lives of the saints)morality: stories with lessonspassion: crucifixion and death of christ
Who influenced Shakespeare’s interest in theatre? His father (glovemaker and alderman) brough traveling actor companies to preform
The Globe Theatre Shakespeare’s theater, begain work in 1606. On South of Thames where there was more seedy entertainemtn like bear-baiting, where the arenas were used for plays.
Macbeth’s tragic flaw vaulting ambition
Queen Elizabeth I former queen of England, had no heirs which is why her cousin James became king. The instability from this uncertainty in ruling is something that conceerned Macebth, can see thinking in regicide of Duncan. Greatly enjoyed Shakespeare’s plays.
Elizabethan absolute ordered universe Everything ranked in order of superiority, from God at top to chaos at the very bottom. When someone vilates the order (i.e. killing Duncan) it is a cosmic crime and the universe reflects this disorder thru things like natural phenomena
“Fair is foul and foul is fair.” first meeting the Wierd Sisterspresent theme of APPEARANCE VS. REALITY
“Lesser than Macbeth and greater.” Weird Sisters, Banquo’s prophecy told to him and Macbeth-Banquo will not be a kign but his sons will.
“Sleep no more!” Macbeth after he kills Ducan, preict suffering he will have from guilt
“Lest our old robes sit easier than our new!” Macduff before Macbeth is to be coronated-thinks Duncan was a better king than Macbeth will be.
“I have almost forgot the taste of fear.” Macbeth has heard the cry of women, shows how we is hardened from the evil he has
“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllable of recorded time…” Macbeth learning of his wife’s death-brevity and fragility of life
“I am in blood steeped so far….” Macbeth after banquet-gis turning point toward evil/ he cant go back now
Double Double toil and trouble.” By witches- Macneth must go back and see them-traditional witches chant
:Yet I do fear thy nature. It is too full ‘o the milk of human kindness.” Lady M reading letter from husband, think he’ss too good to kill king
Out damned spot ! Out I say! Lady Macbeth, sleepwalking-physical representation of her guilt
shakespeare’s hometown Stratford Upon Avon

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