macbeth test acts 2..1-3.3

” I dreamt last night of the 3 weird sisters. To you they have showed some truth.” 2.1.25-26 speaker- BanquoBanquo states that he dreamt about the witches last night
“I think not of them” (2.1.29) speaker- MacbethHe is saying that he did not think about them and this reveals that he is lying to the man he fought in battle with. This could lead to further complications
“is this a dagger which i see before me” (2.1.44) speaker- MacbethMacbeth imagines a floating dagger and it phyiscally leads him to Duncans room where he further murders him.
“Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done’t” (2.2.16-17) speaker- lady macbethshe is saying an exucuse for why she would never kill duncan bc he resembles to much like her father
” whence is that knocking” (2.2.74-75)”there’s one did laugh in his sleep, and cried murder!” (2.2.30-31) speaker- MacbethHe is very paranoid after he reenters by hearing things and thinking that everyone is waking up
“why did you bring these daggers from the place” speaker- Lady macbeth He by accidently takes the daggers instead of leaving it for the servants. He was also supposed to put the blood on them.
“Tis the eye of childhood that fears a painted devil” (2.2.70-71) speaker- lady macbethshe is scolding macbeth by saying only a child would be afraid to finsih what they have started
“to know my deed twere best not know myself. wake duncan with thy knocking, I would thyst couldst. (2.2.93-95) speaker- macbethhe shows his regret saying that the he wishes the knocking on the door would awake Duncan (but really it’s Macduff knocking”
“what hands are here! Ha, they pluck out mine eyes. Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather THe multitudinous seas incarnadine. Making the green one red. ” (2.2.78-79) speaker- macbethhe messes up plan and lady macbeth scolds him. He doesnt want to go back and put the daggers back and see Duncan’s dead body since he is overwhelmed by guilt. She then puts daggers back so they don’t get caught. He is saying this to himself with everyone out of the room. The obvious is that he is looking at his hands saying washing his hands wont take away the guilt he has, Moving beyond the obvious is the extent of guilt.
“If a men were porter of hell gate, he should have old turning key. ” (2.3.1-2) speaker – porter The porter is drunk. He pretends to be hells gate keeper and it is ironic because when people see their sacred king dead, it really is the gate to hell.
” he did command me to call timely on him, I have almost slipped the hour” (2.3.50-51) speaker- macduffmacduff arrives at inverness bc he is going to get duncan to bring him back home to his castle
” our chimneys were blown down and as they say, Lamentingsheard I’ th’ air. Strange screams of death” speaker- lennoxthe night was “unruly” bc there were strange things going on like the smell / streak of death, chimney falling down, and hearing the owl/ bird of death
” o horror horror horror””most sacrilegious murder hath broke ope the lords anoited temole aannoited temple and stole thense the life o’ th’ building” speaker- macduffHis reaction to his discovery was being horrified and in disbelief-duncan is a holy figure and killing him is like against theri religion
” o gentle lady tis not for you to hear” (2.3.96) speaker- macdiffhe syas to lady macbeth that you should’t be hearing about this but in reality she planned duncans death!!
” Had i only died an hour before this chance I had lived a blessed time, for from ths instant” (2.3.107-108) speaker -macbethMacbeths public annuncement to duncans death saying if only he died an hour before with duncan as king, life would be complete but now it sucks
┬ĘThose of his chambers, as it seemed, had done’t. Their hands and faces were all baged with blood. So were their daggers…” speaker- Lennox He says that the guards as who are supposed to be guarding the chambers did the killing of Duncan since their hands were covered in blood and the daggers were on the pillows
“th’ expedition of my violent love. Outrun the pauser reason. Here lay Duncan” speaker-macbethThe crime macbeth confesses is that with all of his love for duncan he took it out on guards
“what should be spoken here, where our father hid in an auger hole, may rush and sieze us?” (2.3.143-144) speaker- malcolm or donalbianthey remain quiet because they are now afraid that since their father was killed that person could be after them
“exit Lady Macbeth, attended” (2.3…) speaker- stage directionsher “reaction” to Duncans death was “fainting”
“Lets not consort with them to slow an unfelt sorrow is an office which is false man does easy:” (2.3.160-162) speaker- Malcolmhe says this to his brother that he doesn’t want to stay here because he believes that they are decieving Malcolm and Donalbain
“I’ll go to England ” (2.3.162) speaker- malcolmmalcolm goes to england to escape and donalbain goes to Ireland. They don’t stay together because if they find both of them they both die
“Shall keep us both the safer. Where we are, there’s daggers in men’s smiles. The near in blood, the nearer the bloody” (2.3.164-166) speaker- malcolmThis means that it would be safer to leave because the people closest to Macbeth are probably hiding their weapons and going after them
-” A falcon, tow’ring in her pride of place, was by a mousing owl hawked and killed” (2.4.15-16) speaker – old manHe says that an owl killed a falcon
– “Tis said they ate each other” (2.4.23-24) speaker- rossRoss says that Duncan’s horses ate each other
“the kings two sons Are stonlin away and fied which puts upon them suspicion of the deed.” speaker- MacduffHe says this about Malcolm and Donalbain because they left making it look like they wanted leave because they did the killing of their father
-“Thine own lives means. Then ’tis most like the sovere ighty will fall upon Macbeth.”-“He is already named and gone to Scone to be invested” speaker 1- rossspeaker 2- Macduff This means that Macbeth is about to become king is and is on his way to his coronation
what does it mean to be invested? invested means crowned
“No cousin, I’ll to Fife” (2.4.50) Macduff decides to go to his castle, Fife. This can come back to haunt him because he is showing disrespect to Macbeth who is now the king
“Thou hast it now- king, cawdor, Glamis, all as the weird women promised, and I fear. Thou played’st most foully for’t” (3.1.1-3) speaker- BanquoHe thinks that Macbeth came to his good fortune by killing Duncan.
“twix this supper” (3.1.28) speaker- macbethThey are having a ceremonial dinner, first as Macbeth being king
” We hear our bloody cousins are bestowed In England and in Ireland, not confessing thier cruel parricide feeling their hearess with strange invention. ” (3.1.33-36) speaker- Macbeth (to Banquo)Macbeth is saying that Malcolm and Donalbain are in England and Ireland because they killed Duncan and are trying to escape (spreading lies)
“let every man be master of his time till seven at night. To make society the sweeter welcome, we will keep to ourself till supertime alone. While then, god be with you.” (3.1.44-47) speaker- MacbethMacbeth is telling everyone to do what they want until 7, when it’s supper. He does this because he is going to find the men to kill Banquo because he knows about the witches and is very suspicious
“They are, my lord, without the palace gate. Bring them before us.” speaker- servant Macbeth orders the servant to get the 2 men (murders) waiting at the palace to get interviewed to kill Banquo
“Our fears in Banquo… ‘Tis much daress” “His valor to act saftey there is none but he” (3.1.66….) speaker – Macbeth-fearless-he has courage but for a good reason
“Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in my arie, Thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand, No son of mine succeeding” (3.1.66-69) speaker- Macbeth key words -“fruitless crown” – kids don’t get crown-“barren” – empty-“unlineal hand” – someone not relating takes crownMacbeth has no children so Banquo’s kids would get the crown. Not only does Macbeth kill Banquo because of his suspicion but now because he doesn’t want his kids getting crown. He also has to kill Fleance now
“For them the gracious Duncan I have murdered.” (3.1.71) who is them? speaker- macbeth “them” is Banquo and his bloodline (kids) because the previous line says “for banquos issue” which tells us its being done for him
“rather than so, come fate into the list, and champion me to th’ utterance—– who’s there?” (3.1.76-77) speaker- Macbeth This means that instead of watching the throne go to Banquo and his kid, he challenges it to battle and will kill who he has to kill ( banquo and fleance)
“Know that it was He, in the times past , which held you so under fortune..” (3.1.84-85) speaker- macbethMacbeth tells the murders that Banquo is the one who made them so under fortune, giving the murders the motivation to kill Banquo
“our point of the second meeting. Do you find- your patience so predominant in your nature that you can let this go? Are you so gospeled to pray for this good man for his issue, whose heavy hand hath bowed you to the grave and beggared yours forever? ” (3.1.96-101) speaker- macbethMacbeth quesions the murders manhood to kill Banquo to give them motive. Lady Macbeth did the same to Macbeth earlier in the play to kill Duncan
“And I will put that business in your bosoms” (3.1.1116) speaker- macbethHe says to the murders that they have a special place in his heart and this makes the murders feel honored and have motives to do it
“Certain friends that are both his and mine” (3.1.137) speaker- macbethHe says to the murders that he can’t do the deed himself because they have mutual friends
“Fleance his son, that keeps him company whose absence is no less material to me than his father’s must embrace the fate of that dark hour. (3.1.154-157) speaker- macbethThis means that they aren’t only killing Banquo, but Fleance as well
“Where is our desire is got without content” (3.2.8) speaker – lady macbeth Reveals how Lady Macbeth is not satisfied with the way they got the crown
“Things without remedy should be done without regard. What’s done is done.” (3.2.13-14) speaker- Lady MacbethMacbeth enters the room and as she’s worrying in the inside, she’s telling Macbeth to not worry because you can’t fix it
“we have scorched the snake, not killed it” (3.2.15) speaker- MacbethHe reveals that there is still loose ends about Banquo (like they have to kill Banquo, Malcolm, Donalbain, Fleance etc…)
“eat our meal in fear “”in the affliction of these terrible dreams” “better be with the dead, whom we gain our peace, have sent peace” speaker- macbeth Murdering Duncan affected him because now he can’t sleep and would rather be dead like him
“Must lave our honors in these to flattering streams and make our faces vizards to our hearts, disgusing what they are” (3.2. 37 – 39) speaker- macbethMacbeth says they have to wear a mask (vizard) to hide like how Lady macbeth said earlier to Macbeth “flower and serpeant underneath” amd “false face”
“Hath rung night’s yawning peal, there shall be done. A deed of dreadful note.” (3.2 . 48- 49) speaker – macbethHe never really tells Lady Macbeth about his plan to kill Banquo + Fleance but he hints it by saying they will die soon basically
“Come, seeing night scarf up the tender eye of the pitful day and with thy bloody and invisible hand” (3.2. 52- 54) speaker- macbeth This is ike how Lady Macbeth was speaking to the spirits but in macbeths case he’s asking them to forget abt it
“Thou marvel ‘ st at my words, but hold thee still/ THings had begun make strong themselves by ill. So prithee go with me” Macbeth said leave all the rest for me he is saying you just stick with me
“Fly good Fleance. Fly! fly! fly! Thou- mayst revenge- o slave!!” (3.3.25-26) speaker- Banquo His last words to His son Fleance was to escape and seek revenge
[ He dies. Fleance exists.} what happens to fleance? He escapes

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