Macbeth TEST!!!

what is: “when the hurly burl’s done, when the battle’s lost and won” and example of? paradox
Though badly wounded, “bloody” he gives a glowing repost of Macbeth’s heroic and loyal deeds in battle. Captain/Sergent
a rebel “unseemed” from the navel to the jaw Macdonwald
executed for treason thane of cawdor
first to recognize Duncan’s succesor Duncan or Macduff
Whose idea is it to get the guards drunk and implicate them? Lady Macbeth
Whose idea is it to kill the guards? Macbeth
Right before Macbeth goes to Murder duncan he talks to who? Banquo
Who resembled Lady Macbeth’s Father Duncan
A man who is knocking (the knocking the porter hears) Macduff
Discovers the murder of Duncan Macduff
Flees to England Malcolm
Convinced by Macbeth that Banquo betrayed them Murderers
His father is murder, he escapes Fleance
Sits in Macbeth’s Place at the Table Banquo
He has deserted adn gone to England, much to Macbeth’s dismay Macduff
Warns Lady Macduff she is in dangers then runs away rather than help Ross
Lady Macduff expresses disgust toward Macduff
The only 2 characters murdered ON stage Macduffs Son, Banquo
At first lies to MAcduff about his families fait then tells him the horror Ross
Decides to trust his fat and join with Macduff Malcolm
Forces allied against Macbeth march to meet_______ BIrnam Wood
Immidetly after learning Lady Macduff is dead, Macbeth learns that ____ is on the move Birnam Wood
….approaching fortified–? Dunsinane
Macbeth feels confident when in battle he slays whom? conviced that no man born of woman can hard him YOung Siward
Commands 10,000 soldiers whom he leads from england to help malcolm Siward
words meaning the opposite of what is said or an outcome that is the reverse of waht is expected an example of Irony
a statement that lends itself to multiple interpretations with the diliberate intent to decieve an Example of equivocation
a statement that appears to be contradictory but somehow has truth an example of paradox