Macbeth Test

Aside A character in a drama makes a short speech which is heard by the audience and not by the other characters
Diction Word choice
Soliloquy Speech made of a character thinking out loud and not to anyone
Imagery Description that appeals to the senses
Motif A reaccuring theme, subject or idea
Dramatic irony When a reader is aware of something that a character isn’t
Paradox A contradiction or dilemma, contradicts the truth
Foil A character who acts as a contrast to another characcter
Scene one where all the characters were talking about Macbeth as the war hero who killed mac-donwald What is the exposition of Macbeth
Witches making the prophecies What is the inciting force
After macbeth kills banquo and realizes he has already killed so many people its too late to go back now What is the turning point of the play
Hamartia What is tragic flaw
Ambition What is Macbeth’s hamartia
Macduff was going to kill Macbeth, but Macbeth reminds us that he can only be killed by someone born of a woman What is the moment of final suspense
Macbeth is killed by macduff who was delivered by c-section What is the. Catastrophe
Malcom kills Macbeth and becomes king, he wants to restore the peace corrupted by Macbeth How is balance restored in the play
Light/dark motif What motif is shown when lady Macbeth talks about the “thick night”
Gender motif What motif is shown when lady Macbeth says ‘unsex me here”
Death In the lady Macbeth’s soliloquy she mentions a raven and a frog croaking revealing the animal motif, what do these two animals symbolize
The fortunes they give Macbeth can be interpreted in diffferent ways, they appear to be true to Macbeth but in reality they are tricky How do the witches show appearence vs reality
English Shakespeare was an ____ poet and playwright
Kings men Shakespeare company was called the ___
Globe theater Shakespeare’s theater that was built by the kingsmen is called the ___ ___
Elizabeth 1 Under ____ London becomes the biggest city and england flourished in the years 1558-1625
Elizabethans believed in an absolutely ordered universe in which all things could be ranked in order of superiority What was the Elizabethan great chain of being
Act 1 and 2, Macbeth kills Duncan When does ,acbeth violate the order of the great chain of being
Norway Macbeth and the Scottish army are fighting aganist the king of __
Donwald Macbeth kills ____ in battle and “unsealed him form the nave to th’ chops”
Duncan, since thane of cawdor dies Macbeth gains title Who says “what hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won? What does this mean
Thane of glamis, cawdor, king What are the witches 3 prophecies for Macbeth in beginning
Paradox What is the literary term that best matches the witches prophecies to banquo
MacbethWill do anything to be kingMalcolm Who states “That is a step/on which i must fall down or else o’erleap,/ For in my way it lies” it is implied that …? Who is the step
Lady Macbeth Wants kindness gone, wants to be powerhungry Who says “unsex me here/ and fill me to the toe-top full/ of direst cruelty” what do they mean
Milk- life/nurtureGail – acid/death What does the milk and Gail symbolize in lady Macbeth’s statement of unsexing her
CousinsGood kingScared it will come back to haunt him Why is Macbeth hesitant in killing Duncan
Calls him a coward How does Lady Macbeth react to Macbeth’s hesitation in killing the king
Lady Macbeth will get the guards drunk and once they are Macbeth will go and stab Duncan while he is sleeping and then put the blood on the guards hands so it looks like they committed the murder What is the plan to kill duncan
MacbethAppearence v reality What theme does the line “false face must hide what the heart doth know” who says this
T T/f banquo is suspicious that Macbeth killed Duncan
Lady : hasn’t realized how bad it actually isMacbeth: guilty, no hope How does Lady Macbeth initially react to killing Duncan? Macbeth?
He is religious and God didn’t chose him to become king and therefore he went aganist the word of God When Macbeth is unable to say amen what does it suggest and why
Lady MacbethGuilt Who says “my hands are of your color, but I shame/to wear a heart so white” and what does the blood represent
Macduff Who returns with the news that Duncan was killed
The guards After Macbeth kills Duncan he didnt admit to killing Duncan but who does he admit to killing
Scotland After killing Duncan, Macbeth is named the king of
Malcom – englandDonalbain – ireland After hearing of their fathers death where do Malcolm and donalbain flee
Dark in day, owl killed a falcon After Duncan killed how is the Elizabethan great chain of being revealed
Wants his kids to be kingDoesn’t want to be killed Why doesnt banquo voice his opinion on the fact he thinks Macbeth killed duncan
Appearence vs. reality Lady Macbeth seems to be content with herself but in reality is living in fear what theme is this
Paranoid What is Macbeth’s state of mind in the scene before banquo is killed
Start hiding things from each other How can we see Macbeth and lady Macbeth’s relationship change toward the end of act 3
DuncanBanquoLady macduff Macduff son Who did Macbeth kill
Lady macduff Who is lady Macbeth’s dramatic foil
King of Scotland Who is duncan
Donalbain and Malcom Who are Duncan’s sons
Scottish thane Who is banquo
Fleance Who is banquos son
England Where does Malcom flee to
Ireland Where does donalbain flee to
Macduff Who kills Macbeth
Malcolm Who is prince of Cumberland
Paradox Fair is foul and foul is fair is what literary device
Inverted syntax Arrangement of words and phrases where the subject is before the verb
James 1, Britain Who was intitally the king of Scotland during Shakespeare’s time and united ireland, Scotland and england to form ___
Catholics Who tried to kill james 1 in 1605
England, Scotland Macbeth was first preformed in ___ in 1606But set in ____ in the middle ages
Hamartia ____ is the tragic hero’s tragic flaw or weakness that brings about destruction
ExpositionInciting forceHamartia CrisisTragic forceMoment of final suspenseCatastrophe What is the structure of a Shakespearean tragedy
Dark What is the mood of the opening scene
Foreshadow something bad will happen to Macbeth Why does Shakespeare choose to open with a dark scene
Thinks they have gone insane How does banquo respond to the witches prophecies
Powerhungry, ruthless, masculine How would you characterize lady Macbeth in the beginning of the play
Banquo is suspecting what Macbeth will do next Macbeth implies he wants banquo as an ally. Banquo response is he will take Macbeth’s advice as long as his character doesnt suffer, what does this suggest
Lady Macbeth – guilt will easily go awayMacbeth – guilt will stay forever What does the blood motif say about lady Macbeth and Macbeth
When he kills the guards, suggests his ambition will lead him to make more rash decisions What action specifically illustrates the deterioration of Macbeth’s character, what does this suggest
She regrets killing the king What feelings does Lady Macbeth have privately about Duncan murder after?
Role reversals How do we see Macbeth and lady Macbeth’s relationship change in act 3 scene 2, 4
Helmeted head Who appears in the vision of the first apparition
Beware macduff What does the vision say in the first apparition
Bloody child Who appears in the second appareition
Nobody who is born of a woman can kill Macbeth What does the second appareition say
Child crowned with tree in hand Who appears in the third apparition
Macbeth can only be killed by a tree that comes up and attacks him What does the vision say in third apparition
Go to macduffs castle and kill his whole family before deciding not to What is Macbeth’s evil plan to kill macduff
Suggest she is extremely guilty What does lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking suggest
Doesn’t care How does Macbeth react to lady Macbeth’s death
Banquo Who says “oftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths”
Macbeth Who says “list’ning their fear, i could not say ‘amen’ when they did say ‘god bless us’
Macduff Who says “Malcolm and donalbain the kings two sons are stol’n away and fled which puts upon them suspicion of the deed”
Lady Macbeth Who says “where our desire is got without content, this safer to be that which we destroy, than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy”
Macbeth Who says “O, full scorpions is my mind, dear wife, thus knows that banquo and his fleance lives”
Suicide What is lady Macbeth’s cause of death

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