Macbeth test

tragedy an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; in language embellished with each kind of artful ornament, the several kinds being found in sperate parts of the play, and in the form of action, not of narration; through pity and fear effecting the proper purgatoon of these and similar emotions.
imitation getting at the heart of the situation; finding the universal in the particular.
imitation in Macbeth Macbeth’s story, universal: the affect of guilt on the human being/ how murder is always self murder OR Macbeth’s actions, universal: human action
imitation in things fall apart
magnitude the action and characters must rise above the ordinary. Plays had to revolve around kings, gods, or great military leaders bc it emphasizes their tragic fall.
magnitude in Macbeth Macbeth’s heroic image in battle. His thane titles and King title.
magnitude in Things Fall Apart Okonkwo has many titles, high economic status- many wives, huge yam barns, throwing of the cat
ornament diction and song
ornament in Macbeth central ornament: iambic pentameter. also rhyming and chanting. the change in ornament emphasizes different parts of the play and importance.
ornament in Things Fall Apart
Purgation AKA catharsis the cleansing that the audience experiences at the end of the play. We feel fear for the fate of the main character and we pity them.
catharsis in Macbeth New King- restoration of old order. Macbeth’s death- cleansing for Scotland when Dunsinane is stormed and Macduff reveals c-section: fear for Macbeth.
catharsis in Things Fall Apart audience has pity for okonkwo bc he died and was buried like a dog, greatness is gone. fear- terrifying to come back home and have it be completely different, literally watches his own demise purgation: died still with his values.
hamartia Tragic flaw
What is Macbeth’s hamartia? hubris. makes him feel invincible and can get away with doing anything
What is Okonkwo’s hamartia? his fear of being remotely like his father and that he is very passive and impulsive.
peripeteia when an action produces the opposite of what was intended or expected. A reversal.
peripeteia in Macbeth Macbeth kills the king to gain happiness through power but instead is miserable.
peripeteia in Things Fall Apart when okonkwo kills ikemefuna. he does it bc he’s afraid of being thought weak but in reality feels like a “shivering old woman”
anagnorisis disclosure, discovery, or recognition.
anagnorisis in Macbeth when Macduff reveals he’s not born of woman. Macbeth now realizes that his fate is upon him and he is going to die.
anagnorisis in Things Fall Apart when Okonkwo kills the white messenger
inciting moment starts the action of the story, begins the rising action
inciting moment in Macbeth when Macbeth meets the witches. it is here that his ambition is incited which creates conflict
inciting moment in Things Fall Apart the crier announcing that all men need to go to marketplace bc the wife of egwegi udu was murdered- umuofia might have to go to war.
climax of things fall apart killing of ezudu’s son – Okonkwo banished
climax of Macbeth killing Duncan/ Macbeth being crowned king/ death of BANQUO
catastrophe in Macbeth lady Macbeth and Macbeth die
catastrophe in Things Fall Apart Okonkwo’s suicide