Macbeth test

4 apparitions The first apparition is a vision of an armed head that says “Beware Macduff.”The second apparition is a vision of a small child, bloodied that declares that Macbeth cannot be harmed by a man born of woman.The third apparition reveals itself to be a crowned child holding a tree and says that Macbeth can’t come to harm until Birnham Wood reach Dunsinane Hill (where Macbeth lives). the fourth apparition indicates that Banquo’s descendents will be king afterall. It is a line of eight kings all with the likeness of Banquo and finally Banquo himself leering at Macbeth.
3 prophecies Macbeth will be made Thane of Cawdor.Macbeth will become king.Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none: So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo
Quote: Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble Said by all three witches. The witches are making a spell so Macbeth can see more predictions
Quote: By the pricking of my thumbs,Something wicked this way comes. Said by the 2nd witch.Something evil is coming (Macbeth)
Quote: Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break. Said by Malcolm.Speak your grief, if you bottle it up and don’t talk about it you will go crazy. (It was said to macduff)
Motifs Recurring events.SleepEx:· Banquo is talking about how he cannot sleep because he is having uneasy dreams about the witches prophecies . ——Ex: Lady Macbeth and Macbeth discuss with each other the bad dreams they have been having since Duncan’s murder. This shows the guilt catching up to him, and how he is affected by it when he tries to sleep.
Soliloquy Speaking of ones thoughts out loud.Macbeth’s soliloquy regarding the dagger in Act 2 Scene 1, the viewer/reader understands that Macbeth does feel guilty about his plans to murder King Duncan. He cannot reveal this sense of guilt to Lady Macbeth because she wants him to be brave and “manly” in his efforts
Aside Expressing thoughts out loud so only you can hear.ActI sceneIIIMacbeth:(to himself, aside) It’s just like they said—now I’m the thane of Glamis and the thane of Cawdor. And the best part of what they predicted is still to come. (to ROSS and ANGUS) Thank you for the news. (speaking so that only BANQUO can hear) Aren’t you beginning to hope your children will be kings? After all, the witches who said I was thane of Cawdor promised them nothing less.
Tragic hero Macbethbecause at the very beginning in Act I, we hear from other characters how heroically Macbeth performed in battle in defense of his king’s land. But when the witches tell him the predictions, he begins to kill those who was in his way, which made him very ambitious which is what kills him
Themes Ambition and greed can overpower morality and overrun human nature
Shakespeare epitaph “Good Friends, for Jesus’ sake forbear,To dig the bones enclosed here!Blest be the man that spares these stones,And curst be he that moves my bones.”