Macbeth Studyguide: Act 2

Banquo and Fleance have a torch; after midnight How does Shakespeare help his audience know that it is night time for scene 1? Approximately what time is it?
He is having nightmares about the prophecy and about murdering the king; foil Whereas Macbeth consciously contrives a plan to kill Duncan, does not. Instead, what does Banquo clue the reader in on within lines 6-9 of Scene 1? This also shows a ______ between Banquo and Macbeth
a big reward; Banquo says that he will not do anything that would put his allegiance to the king in jeopardy What does Macbeth offer Banquo in scene 1 when talking to him about the prophecy? What is Banquo’s reaction?
The servants will be drunk and it will be time to kill Duncan In Scene 1, Macbeth tells the servant to have his wife ring the bell when his drink is ready. What is supposed to happen when the bell rings?
a dagger; blood; Duncan’s; his mind playing tricks on him; witchcraft In Scene 1, before the bell is rung by Lady Macbeth, Macbeth “hallucinates” and sees a __________ before his eyes. What is covering it? Whose? This “hallucination” is either from _____________ or __________
not hear the bell; Because he will wake up At the end of Scene 1 once the bell has rung, Macbeth “tells” Duncan to not do what? Why?
alcohol In Scene 2, What has helped to make Lady Macbeth bold?
the owl Who is the “fatal bellman”?
Duncan resemble her father in his sleep Why couldn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself?
When Duncan died When did the owl shriek in Scene 2?
Macbeth doesn’t believe that he is worthy of forgiveness, which is implied when “amen” is said at the end of a prayer Macbeth starts raving in lines 24-28 of Scene 2 when he tells his wife that he heard voices. Why couldn’t Macbeth say “amen” with the voices in lines 29-32?
sleep knits the raveled sleep; sore labor’s bath; great nature’s second course; chief nourisher What is sleep being compared to in Scene 2/ what are the metaphors about sleep?
Macbeth has done something which will cause him to not be able to sleep What do you think Macbeth means when he says he heard a voice cry, “Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep”?
get some water and wash up; frame the servants with the daggers; return the daggers What does Lady Macbeth have to tell her husband to do in Scene 2 after they have murdered Duncan? What has Macbeth forgotten to do? What then must Lady Macbeth do?
The blood on his hands would turn all the oceans red Lady Macbeth tells her husband that a little blood will wash away his crime in Scene 2. What image does Macbeth use to describe the depth of his guilt?
act as if nothing happened and as if they had been sleeping; that he didn’t kill the king When Lady Macbeth hears a knocking, what does she tell Macbeth to do? What does Macbeth wish at the end of Scene 2?
He is asking in the name of the devil, yet it is Macbeth’s home, so he is saying that Macbeth is like the devil because the porter feels like he is in hell What is ironic about the porter asking who is at the gate in the name of Beelzebub?
He wants a tip What is the porter asking for when he opens the entrance and says, “I pray you, remember the porter”?
lechery (marriage); turn nose red; sleep; urinate According to the porter, what does drink do?
Wind blew very hard, owls hollering, earthquake; Duncan murdered at the same time; all of this is happening because God is angry Lennox describes what happened at his camp last night (during the murder of Duncan). Once again we have nature mirroring events in human society. Paraphrase what Lennox describes.
That woman would die from surprise and grief According to Macduff in lines 82-84 of Scene 3, what would happen to any woman who heard about Duncan’s death?
He killed the two guards out of anger when he walked in with Lennox What does Macbeth admit to doing once the everyone knows that Duncan has been murdered? (Scene 3)
She faints; possibly because her and Macbeth’s plan is falling apart since he murdered the two guards or because she was just acting Once Lady Macbeth hears that Duncan has been murdered, what does she do? Why?
They’re next on the kill list and someone is faking their grief about Duncan’s murder; Malcolm is going to England and Donalbain to Ireland in order to escape What are Malcolm and Donalbain coming to realize towards the end of Scene 3? What does this cause them to do?
Nature is still responding to Duncan’s murder; Duncan’s tamed, majestic horses changes into vicious and wild cannibals At the beginning of Scene 4, what is happening with the weather? What happened to Duncan’s horses?
He paid the chamberlains to kill Duncan According to Macduff, what part did Donalbain play in Duncan’s murder?
Scone; Macduff Where is Macbeth crowned? Who doesn’t go to his coronation?

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