Macbeth Study questions Act 2

What is Macbeths lie to Banquo about the witches That he hasn’t been thinking about them
What signal does Lady Macbeth give Macbeth that she has taken care of the guards she rings the bell
What excuse does lady Macbeth give for not killing Duncan herself That he looks like her father
After Macbeth kills Duncan he goes to Lady Macbeth and is worred he can’t say AMEN- What advice does she give him Don’t think about it – you will go mad
When Macbeth starts hearing a voice that says “Macbeth does murder sleep” what does Lady Macbeth tell him to do? Go wash your hands
What did Macduff discover? That Duncan was murdered
Macduff says, “Oh, gentle lady, ‘Tis not for you to hear what I can speak. The repetition in a woman’s ear, Would murder as it fell.” What is ironic about that? Lady Macbeth came up with the idea to kill duncan
What excuse or explanation did M. give for killing the guards? What is his real reason? He was angry that the guards killed the king so Macbeth killed them
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain leave? They were scared they might get murdered too
Why does Ross not believe Malcolm and Donalbain were responsible for Duncan’s murder? Ross doesn’t believe that Duncan’s children did it because it is against Nature.