macbeth study guide questions

Chanted by the wtiches in opening scene, sets mood Fair is foul and four is fair
scotland vs norway two countries battling in act 1
led the Norwegian rebel forces and was killed by MacBeth, which ended the war MacDonwald
king of norway, defeated in battle Sweno
he is the traitor who assisted norway and killed what happened to Thane of Cawdor?
macbeth who recieves thane of cawdor’s title
PoC will become kind when duncan dies. Malcolm is named who is named prince of cumberland
malcolm and donalbain duncan’s two sons
macbeth who kills duncan
his servants who else is held under suspicion of duncans death
england where does malcolm flee
ireland where does donabain flee to
Macduff who does macbeth blame for murder
2 hired murdered by macbeth who murders banguo
fleance banquo’s son
HeCate: angry at witches bc helped macbeth leader of the witches
armed head/helmeted head. a bloddy child. child crowned with a tree what are three apparitions
head:beware of future. Child: none of woman born shall harm macbeth Tree: no on should over power you until the trees march up the hill what do apparitions mean
8 kings of scottland what appears after apparitions?
macduff’s family who does macbeth kill after 8 kings of scottland
malcolm tells macbeth that king of england has provided siward and his troops what happens when macduff sees malcolm
suicide after sleepwalking what happend to lady macbeth
king of england has gone against macbeth and scotland england has helped malcolm how?
trees seem to creep up and lady macbeth is dead what does seyton report to seen
tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow what macbeth said on hearing about lady macbeth’s death
wont fight him because he already killed him family so will kill him too what does macbeth say to macduff
ripped from mothers womb, c section how was macduff born
macduff who kills macbeth and beheads him