Macbeth Study Guide

King of Scotland preceding Macbeth Duncan
An innocent woman murdered Lady Macduff
Guilty woman with troubled sleep Lady Macbeth
Supernatural being Hecate
Boy who escaped Macbeth’s murderers Fleance
Boy murdered by Macbeth’s hired assassins Boy Macduff
Man who resisted witches’ evil powers Banquo
Man who yielded to witches’ power Macbeth
Man whose son was slain by Macbeth Siward
Man whose son was slain by Macbeth’s hired assassins Macduff
Murdered man whose ghost appears to Macbeth Banquo
Murdered man whose peaceful sleep in death is envied by murderer Duncan
Person responsible for first murder but did not commit it Lady Macbeth
Person who supplied only a touch of humor Porter
Battle at opening was Scotts vs Rebels (Norway) True
Macbeth appears as a successful general at start True
Witches prophecy Macbeth as Thane of Cawdor True
Macbeth was surprised when he was called Thane of Cawdor True
Banquo will become king False
Lady Macbeth dissuades Macbeth from killing Duncan False
Duncan suspected harm at Macbeth’s castle False (?)
Macbeth saw a dagger leading him toward Duncan True
Lady Macbeth praised Macbeth for killing Duncan False
Macduff’s family being murdered does not serve the plot in any way and only appeals to the animals in the crowd False (?)
Lady Macbeth smeared the grooms with blood True
Banquo’s ghost was visible to all False
Macbeth’s soldiers wholeheartedly followed him False
Young Siward’s death gave Macbeth confidence in prophecy True
Macbeth met the second time with the witches as a coincidence False
Malcolm found no support with the King of England False
Macbeth displayed no emotion at the death of his wife True
Lady Macduff complained to Ross that Macduff had deserted her True
Duncan’s sons fled to different countries True
Macbeth was eager to fight and kill Macduff False (?)
Macbeth’s original title/estate Glamis
Refuge for Donalbain Ireland
At war with Scotland Norway
Macduff’s residence Fife
Where coronation of Scottish kings occur Scone
King’s residence Forres
Burial site for Scottish kings Colme-kill
Forest Burnam
Macbeth’s residence after becoming king Inverness
Final defeat of Macbeth Dunsinane
Traitor killed at beginning of the play is ___ Sweno (Thane of Cawdor)
Macduff learns the murder of his family from ___ Ross
Goddess of witchcraft Hecate
First apparition Armed head
Second apparition Bloody child
Third apparition Eight kings
Leader of English forces Macduff
Porter says they did not go to bed till ___ AM 3
Signal to kill Duncan is bell
Time of Macbeth Eleventh century
Macbeth hires ___ murderers to kill Banquo Three
Malcolm is prince of ___ Cumberland
Ingredients include ___ of newt and ___ of frog eye, tongue
Banquo’s son Fleance
Prophecy about Banquo Sons would be kings
Lady Macbeth eagerly welcomed Duncan into her castle To give him a false sense of security
Macbeth hesitated to kill Duncan because he has a conscience
Macbeth was persuaded to kill by Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth did not kill Duncan because He looked like her daddy
Macbeth didn’t want to smear the blood on the grooms because He didn’t want to go back to the scene of the crime
First people to arrive at the castle after the murder Macduff and Lennox
Malcolm fled because Feared for his life
Macbeth wanted to kill Banquo because He didn’t want his sons to become king according to the prophecy
Macbeth was distressed by the escape of Fleance because he was a threat according to the prophecy
Macbeth ordered Lady Macduff’s kid to be killed So he could kill and capture Macduff (?)
Malcolm misrepresented himself to Macduff because He did not trust him at first
Macbeth displayed no emotion at the death of his wife True

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