Macbeth Story Map

Exposition Generals Banquo and Macbeth lead Duncan’s army to victory over the King of Norway.
Rising Action Macbeth and Banquo meet the Weird Sisters, who prophesize that Macbeth will someday be King.
Rising Action Lady Macbeth goads Macbeth into agreeing to murder Duncan in order to seize the Crown.
Major Conflict Macbeth’s struggle to balance his ambition and his sense of morality.
Major Conflict The struggle between self interest, represented by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, and the interest of the nation, represented by Macduff and Malcolm.
Climax Macbeth murders Duncan, setting off a chain of evil deeds that ultimately lead to his demise.
Falling Action Macbeth commits a series of increasingly brutal murders.
Falling Action Macbeth meets the Weird Sisters a second time. They tell him that he will not be harmed by any “one of woman born.”
Falling Action Macbeth meets Macduff on the battlefield. Macduff reveals that he was born by caeserian section, and therefore in not technically “of woman born.” He kills Macbeth.
Denoument Malcolm is crowned King of Scotland, thus restoring peace and order to the realm.