Macbeth Stage Directions

Advances moves forward;moves against another
alarum loud frantic, or excited activity; clamor. The sounds of war or warlike activity. the movement of soldiers across stage
Aside A piece of dialogue intended for the audience and supposedly not heard by the actors on stage. A remark made in an undertone so as to be inaudible to others nearby.
Attended To be accompanied or waited upon as by a companion or servant
beneath In a lower place;below. Underneath the stage.
Draws Pulls out weapon for use
Exeunt Two or more performers leave the stage
Flourish/Sennet a fanfare (of horns, trumpets, etc.) to announce the entrance or exit of a person of distinction
retires/withdraws seeks seclusion’ moves back or away without actually exiting the stage; recedes
Within an inner position, place, or area close to, but not actually on, the stage.
Implicit stage directions actions, movement, gestures, expressions that are implied, and which the director and actors must decide on themselves, based on their interpretation of the play.