Macbeth Soliloquies

Why do I yeild? First soliloquy. Macbeth thinks about killing Duncan, but does not consider it as a real option
He’s here in double trust Second soliloquy. Duncan is at Macbeths house, and Macbeth escapes to think. Macbeth weighs the options of killing Duncan. Ambition is is motivation.
Is this a dagger? Third soliloquy. Macbeth has a vision of a bloody dagger pointing towards. First sign of fear showing for Macbeth.
To be thus is nothing Fourth soliloquy. Macbeth decideds that it is not worth beging king if his position is not safe. This leads to him deciding to kill Banquo.
From this moment Fifth soliloquy. Macbeth talks about the importance of timing, and not overthinking things (hamlet). Orders raid on Macduffs family. Has no moral dilema.
I have lived long enough Sixth soliloquy. Fall of Macbeth, he admits his wrongdoings and that no one likes him very much, and that his life is not full despite his title.
Tomorrow and Tomorrow last soliloquy. Said after Lady Macbeth dies. He talks about how death is inevitable so it doesn’t matter when someone dies. Contrast from wanting to change fate, to accepting fate.