Macbeth Scenes

Act 1, Scene 1 meet witches–> hectic
Act 1, Scene 2 Duncan hears of war from Captain, tells Thanes Macbeth will get title
Act 1, Scene 3 Witches meet, then Macbeth and Banquo enter…Ross gives Macbeth title
Act 1, Scene 4 Thane of Cawdor killed, Duncan informs Macbeth that he will be staying with him
Act 1, Scene 5 Lady Macbeth hears of Thane and Duncan news, wants to kill duncan
Act 1, Scene 6 Duncan arrives and meets LM
Act 1, Scene 7 Macbeth has doubts, LM insults him and presents plan
Act 2, Scene 1 Banquo and Fleance see Macbeth up, he gives aside about killing Duncan, dagger leads him
Act 2, Scene 2 LM sees Macbeth after deed done, Macbeth hallucinating
Act 2, Scene 3 Lords enter castle, Duncan’s murder announced
Act 2, Scene 4 As lords leave house, Macduff announces he will not attend coronation
Act 3, Scene 1 Macbeth sends Banquo to look for sons, meets with murderers
Act 3, Scene 2 Macbeth and LM disagree on fate of Banquo
Act 3, Scene 3 Murderers kill banquo, Fleance gets away
Act 3, Scene 4 Murders inform Macbeth, allucinates at dinner
Act 3, Scene 5 Witches talk about events (Hecate=head witch)
Act 3, Scene 6 Lennox and Lord talk about the suspicious Macbeth
Act 4, Scene 1 Macbeth visits witches, three prophecies, Lennox tells Macbeth Macduff hath fled
Act 4, Scene 2 Macduff’s estate killed off
Act 4, Scene 3 Macduff and Malcom talk of plans, Macduff finds out about estate
Act 5, Scene 1 Doctor and Gentlewoman observe LM sleepwalking, she reveals killing
Act 5, Scene 2 Lords hear of the approaching English force, abandon Macbeth
Act 5, Scene 3 Macbeth hears of approaching English force, Doctor reports to Macbeth that he cannot cure LM
Act 5, Scene 4 Malcom and English force collect the wood
Act 5, Scene 5 LM dies, Macbeth hears that trees moving up hill
Act 5, Scene 6 Malcom, Siward and Macduff blow trumpets and march upon Castle
Act 5, Scene 7 Macbeth kills Young Siward
Act 5, Scene 8 Macduff kills Macbeth, crowns Malcom
# of scenes in Act 1 7
# of scenes in Act 2 4
# of scenes in Act 3 6
# of scenes in Act 4 3
# of scenes in Act 5 8