Macbeth Scene 4 and 5 Quiz

Who are the Gentlewoman and Doctor discussing? They are discussing LMB and how she sleepwalks and is revealing information
“Why, it stood by her. She has light by her continually. ‘Tis her command.”-Gentlewoman: why the light? Who is this ironic? Everything bad happens in darkness
What specific events does LMB bring up in her conversation with herself? What has happened to her state of mind? The blood from the murder of Duncan and talks about her murders. She is sleep talking. she has so many sins and is having nightmares
“More needs she the divine than the physician.” Doctor- what is the advice? is it right? She needs serious help. she needs a priest more than a doctor
“Near Birnam Wood/ Shale we well meet them; that way are they coming” Angus -What is the significance of this? They will meet themMeet them near Birnam wood
“Great Dunsinane he strongly fortifies./ Some say he’s mad; others, that lesser hate him, / Edo call it valiant fury” Caitness. Who are they discussing? What does this reveal? Macbeth. He has many people protecting him because he does not want to get up and fight so he just sits there. (just relaxes)
What are Malcolm and Macduff’s armies planning? Make Malcolm King
MB’s first speech- what is he saying? is he sincere? He talks about the predictions. And tells them to defend the castle vs Macduff ????
MB lines 19-28- how is this tragic? Do we feel sympathy for MB? What is the purpose of this speech? -not going to have a lot of friends-no honor or obedience
“Let every soldier hew him down a bought/ and bear’t before him. Thereby shall we shadow/ The numbers of our house, and make discovery/ Err in report of us” -What is Malcolms plan? Tell the soldiers to break off a branch and hold it in front of him. That way we can conceal how many of us there are, and Macbeth’s spies will give him inaccurate reports
“Both more nad less have given him the revolt,/ And none serve him but with contained things/ Whose hearts are absent too” -Malcolm Whats happened to macbeth’s army? Whenever his soldiers have an opportunity to leave him, they do. Nobody wants to fight him either, unless they are forced and if they do their hearts are not in it..
What is MB’s reaction to LMB’s death? She would of died later anyway. The days creep slowly along until the end of time. Life is pointless and an illusion.
Messenger tells MB Birnam Wood is moving- how does he react? why? He freaks out and calls him a liar and slave. He doesn’t want it to be true, he is mad.
“I ‘gin be weary of the sun,/ And wish the’estate o’ the’ world were now undone./ Ring the alarum bell! Blow wind, come wrack!/ At least we’ll die with harness on our back.” MB -what realization does he have? What does he plan to do? He is tired of living. He will die
What is MB’s tone in Scene 7? Do we admire him at all? He is being brave and fearless. Siward has him tied up and is pointing a sword at MB. He is not scared.
What is the outcome by the end of the scene 7? How are Macbeth’s forces do in the battle? Macbeth’s soldiers are fighting on both sides but it seems they are not trying to hurt the opposing forces.
“Of all men else I have avoided thee,/ But get thee back! My soul is too much charged/ With blood of thine already” MB – why does MB avoid Macduff throughout the battle? What does this suggest about his feelings? He is guilty for killing his whole family. He is being honest now. Fearless.
“Despair thy charm,/ And let the angel who thou still hast served/ Tell thee, Macduff was from his mother’s womb/Untimely ripped.” Macduff -How is he not born of a woman? They had to cut him out of his moms stomach (c-section) because she died.
If MB gives himself up, what does Malcolm suggest they will do to him? Put him in a freakshow, just like they do with deformed animal’s. We’ll put a picture of you on a sign, right above the words “come see the tyrant!”
How does Siward react to his son’s death? Why? He says he is god’s soldier now and he died honorably
Malcolm suggests what about LMBs death? -she committed suicide-it was called by god
Lines 4-36 What are the witches doing? They are making potions to increase their magical power
MB lines 50-61: What does Macbeth want from the witches? At what cost? -He wants them to answer his questions-He does not care about the consequences, he wants the answers to his questions
Witches make apparitions appear before Macbeth- what are their three predictions? -warns macbeth of macduff, to beware him-no one will harm mb-MB will never be defeated until Birnam wood marches to fight him at Dunsmane hill
What decisions does Macbeth make regarding the decisions? He doesn’t really care because he feels invincible
Banquo and line of kings appear- what does MB learn from their appearance? What should he realize but doesn’t? They are Banquo’s descendants, he will be defeated most likely by Macduff
Where has macduff gone? How do we know? England, A messenger reports to lennox
What does MB plan to do at the end of the scene? What does this tell us about him? Raid Macduff’s castle, seize town Fite, kill all his family and anyone with chance for crown
How does Lady Macduff feel about Macduff running off? How do we know? He is scared, having no love, and is a traitor
Why does Lady Macduff say that her husband is dead when he isn’t? She considers him a traitor worthy of death
“I have done no harm. But i remember now/ I am in in this earthly world, where to do harm/ Is often laudable, to do good sometime/ Accounted dangerous folly.” Compare LMD to LMB LMD is concerned about her conscience striving to do good but LMB is heartless and immoral
“I am young; but something/ You may deserve of him through me; and wisdom/ To offer up a weak, poor, innocent lamb/ T’appease an angry god” -Malcolm: what is he worried about? Macduff will betray malcolm to MB
Malcolm: 3 “evils” he accuses himself of, what are they? -Lust for women-Greediness-Violence
Lines 114-137- What news does Malcolm give to Macduff? Hes not really everything he described himself as. Still a virgin, never told a lie, doesn’t care about posessions
What does Ross say about the state of Scotland? Dangerous Depressing
“No, they were at peace when I did leave ’em” Ross- double meaning what is it? When one dies, they leave the chaos of the world and it may also mean the same time ross left, MD’s family was well
“Be this the whetstone of your sword. Let grief/ Convert to anger; blunt not the heart, enrage it.” Malcolm explain the metaphor Let this anger sharpen your sword. Turn your grief into anger, don’t hide your feelings, let them free as rage