macbeth review (multiple choice section)

why does macbeth become thane of cawdor duncan rewards him for bravery and loyalty
what is lady macbeth’s attitude toward the murder of duncan before it happens she encourages it
why do people suspect malcom and donalbain of being behind duncan’s murder their running away makes them look guilty
what is the main reason that macbeth kills banquo banquo’s lack of loyalty
from macbeth’s point of view, what goes wrong at banquo’s murder fleance escapes
why does macduff go to england and join malcom to find ou if malcom killed duncan
in addressing banquo, the witches tell him which of these? “lesser than macbeth, and greater.” (I) “Not so happy as Macbeth, yet much happier.” (II) “A future father of kings.” (III) I, II, and III
lady macbeth characterizes her husband as being “too full of the milk of human kindness”
as part of the plan to kill the king, lady macbeth would get the chamberlains drunk
lady macbeth confessed that she would have killed king duncan herself except for the fact that he looked like her father
shakespeare introduced porter in order to provide comic relief
macbeth arranges for banquo’s death by telling the hired killers that banquo had ruined their careers
macbeth startles his dinner guests by conversing with the ghost of banquo
in act IV, malcom is at first lukewarm toward macduff because he suspects a trick and wants to be sure they are both against Macbeth
birnam wood comes to dunsinane when the camouflaged soldiers make their advance
macbeth’s conversation with the doctor reveals that he is much less concerned about his wife than he is about ensuing battle
when macbeth refuses to put the servants’ daggers back in the room, lady macbeth takes the daggers back into the servants’ room
in act V, lady macbeth cannot rest because she is troubled by all her sinful deeds
in act I, duncan disturbs macbeth by announcing that malcom will be the future king of scotland
in act IV, macduff wants to go to war against macbeth because he considers macbeth a tyrant
in act IV scene ii, lady macduff calls her husband a traitor because she feels macduff has abandoned her and her children
duncan’s sons are suspected of his murder because they fled inverness castle without explanation
three apparitions appear to macbeth in act IV. what do they predict? macbeth should fear macduff
after duncan’s death, macbeth finds killing often necessary

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