Macbeth Review

Everything is not as it seems. Explain the meaning of the paradox “fair is foul, and foul is fair”
The King’s First born son Who is Malcolm?
Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, King of Scotland What are the three titles that the witches give Macbeth?
Lesser than Macbeth and greaterNot so happy, yet much happierBore King’s but not be one himself What do the witches see in the future for Banquo?
Ruthless, deceiving, controlling, ambitious Describe Lady Macbeth.
1.) Macbeth wouldn’t go to heaven2.) They are relatives3.) He is a good King4.) Ambition is his only reason to kill him. List four reasons Macbeth gives for not killing Macbeth.
1.) Be a real Man2.) He made her a promise that he would, can’t back out now3.) He would look like a coward What three arguments does Lady Macbeth use to influence Macbeth?
Midnight. The bewitching hour. What time does the murder occur? How is this strange?
Banquos Son Who is Fleance?
King Duncan asleep looks like her father. Why does Lady Macbeth not do the killing?
Macbeth shall sleep no more. What does the mysterious voice say to Macbeth during the murder?
They are trying to remove the blood and guilt off there hands. What does Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s washing of the hands symbolize?
Add some comic relief What is the purpose of the drunk porter scene?
The gates of hell. He thinks sinners are knocking at hells gate. What is the porter pretending he is guarding?
Macduff Who discovers King Duncan’s body?
England and Ireland Where do Malcolm and Donalbain runaway too?
1.) Dark of night in the middle of the day 2.) Falcon was caught and killed by an owl3.) Duncan’s horses ate each other What three “crimes against nature” occur further into the scene?
six plus How many murders are on Macbeth’s hands?
Goddess of Sorcery Who is Hecate?
It is suffering. How is Scotland faring under Macbeth’s reign?
An armoured head. Beware of Macduff. Symbolic of Macduff. What is the first apparition and what is it symbolic of?
A bloody child. No man bore of a woman can harm him. Symbolic of Macduff. What is the second apparition and what is it symbolic of?
A child crowned wearing a tree. Until birnam wood comes to Dunsinane you are safe. Symbolic of Malcolm. What is the third apparition and what is it symbolic of?
8 kings and Banquo with a mirror. Banquo’s descendants will reign forever. What does Macbeth also see? What is its symbolism?
patriotism What is Macduff motivated by?
1.) Lust2.) Greed3.) No morals What three faults does Malcolm claim to have?
10,000 men and General Siward What does England offer as for help?
God Who does Lady Macbeth need instead of a doctor?
Cut down boughs for cover. This will make it look like the forest is coming to the castle What order does Malcolm give to the men?
Suicide, jumps out the window How does Lady Macbeth die?
Macduff Who kills Macbeth?
Macduff’s mother had a C-Section. Therefore he was not bore of a woman. How is Macduff able to kill Macbeth?
Malcolm Who becomes King of Scotland?
They tricked Macbeth. Malcolm made the forest move. Macduff was not bore of a woman. How did the witches’ apparitions turn out?