Macbeth Review

Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and King of Scotland. What three titles does Macbeth eventually come to possess?
Lady Macbeth Who devises the plot to kill King Duncan?
Banquo’s ghost What does Macbeth see at the banquet that causes him to act so strangely?
Macbeth Who is the last character in the book to die?
Scotland in what country does the play Macbeth take place?
Anne Hathaway Who was Shakespeare’s wife?
The King’s Men Shakespeare was part of an acting company called “Lord Chamberlin’s Men.” What was the name changed to under King James I reign?
The Globe Shakespeare became a partner in what London theatre?
1564-1616 What years was William Shakespeare alive?
Witchcraft. What superstition did Shakespeare include in his play Macbeth to please the King?
Rebirth/ revival What does the word “Renaissance” mean?
James I (James VI of Scotland) Who became the ruler of England after Queen Elizabeth’s death?
Hearing voices say “Macbeth hath murdered sleep”; he cannot say “amen.” Macbeth claims that all the water in the oceans couldn’t wash Duncan’s blood off of his hands. He also wishes that Duncan could be woken by the knocking he hears at the door. Examples of how Macbeth expresses his guilt after killing Duncan.
She is much more calm and collected than her husband. She claims “a little water washes us of this deed.” How does Lady Macbeth’s reaction to Duncan’s death in Act two differ from her husband’s?
They feared that they would be killed next. Why do Malcolm and Donalbain flee after their father is murdered?
She sleep walks and constantly washes her hands. She also talks in her sleep and is unable to sleep well. In what ways does Lady Macbeth express her guilt over the murder of King Duncan?
He is the son of Banquo and Banquo is the ancestor of King James I. Fleance must live to continue the family line so that King James will be born and eventually become king. Who is Fleance and why is it important that he get away from the murderers?
Duncan’s guards Who do the Thanes originally think killed Duncan?
His loyalty in exhange for many honors What does Macbeth ask Banquo the night of Duncan’s murder?
He reminded her of her father while he was sleeping. Why does Lady Macbeth not kill Duncan herself?
Macduff Who kills Macbeth?
Malcolm Who becomes king at the end of the play?
Dunsinane At what castle is Macbeth attacked?
An armed head. What is the first apparition that Macbeth is shown when he goes to see the Witches in Act four?
Eight kings and Banquo’s ghost. What is the fourth and final apparition that is shown to Macbeth by the Three Witches?
Because she believes her husband is a traitor. Why does Lady Macduff tell her son that his father is dead?
Macbeth orders people to murder them. What happens to Macduff’s family?
Beware Macduff. What does the apparition of the armed head tell Macbeth?
Repeatedly rubbing her hands. What does Lady Macbeth do while she is sleep walking?
She is in need of ‘divine help’ What does the doctor say about Lady Macbeth?
As a brave and fierce soldier. How does the wounded captain/Sergeant in Act I portray Macbeth?
His wife refused to give one of the witches her chesnuts. Why did the Three Witches put a spell on a man?
To England to find Malcolm. Where does Macduff go instead of Scone?
Banquo’s ghost. Who is the surprise guest at the feast?
An illness he’s had since childhood What does Lady Macbeth say has caused her husband’s strange behavior at the banquet (when Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost)?
He calls them dogs and tells them that Banquo is their enemy. How does Macbeth convince the two murderers to kill Banquo?
The Weird Sisters. What are the Three Witches also referred to as?
Malcolm and Donalbain. What are the names of Duncan’s sons?
Guilt. In the play Macbeth, What is blood a symbol of?
All of the water in the oceans couldn’t wash the blood from his hands, but rather the blood would turn the green oceans red. Immediately after killing King Duncan, Macbeth looks at the blood on his hands and says what?
That Malcolm and Donalbain paid the guards to kill Duncan for them. When the Thanes discover that Malcolm and Donalbain have run away after the murder of their father, what do the Thanes suspect?
Lady Macbeth After Duncan’s murder, who places the bloody daggers on the sleeping guards in order to frame them?
Macbeth Who devises the plan to kill Banquo and Fleance?
Malcolm orders soldiers to cut branches from the trees to use as camouflage that will disguise their numbers. How does Birnam Wood move against Dunsinane Hill in Act five?
She needs to be more like a man and less like a nurturing woman to carry out her plan to kill Duncan. She doesn’t want to feel bad or guilty about the murder either. Why does Lady Macbeth call on the spirits of evil to “unsex” her and to “stop up the access and passage to remorse”?
No – Macbeth states that the witches placed a “fruitless crown” upon his head “and put a barren sceptre in my gripe, thence to be wrench’d with an unlineal hand, no son of mine succeeding.”(3.1) Do the Macbeth’s have any children?
equivocation misleading words
motifs AWE MA: Appearance, Witchcraft, Equivocation, Murder, Animals
Tragic hero huberous leaads to downfall and blindness, fatal flaw
shakespeare wrote almost 40 plays, married anne hathaway, died in 1616
James I scottish king, very superstitious, believed in witch craft
Guy Fawkes tried to blow up king James and the houses of parliment (gunpowder plot)