Macbeth relationship

Macbeth Act 1 “We will proceed no further in this business”- Macbeth -he doesn’t want to do it -he says ‘business’ that means he does not want to do itbeing controlled by his wife-this is not stereotype because the male and female relationship would look different because the man would be dominate and the wife would just do the cooking, cleaning and babysitting the children (if they had some)- “Then you were a man” -challenging Macbeth-questing him – pushy LM-being controlled by wife -Their relationship not strong – The relationship could have two meaning by Macbeth doing successful to please they eyes of LM or it could also mean that him and LM could have been an arranged marriage – Challenging relationship
Macbeth Act 2 “Is this a dagger I see before thee?” – doubt- “I have done the deed” – Regret-Depressed – full of emotions-lost in thoughts – the relationship between him and Duncan was strong because they were cousin-doubtful -guilty-his wife’s plan is complete
Macbeth Act 3 bloody cousins are bestow’d-has a relationship between his cousin Duncan-He call s them dogs because dogs are dirty and undependable-That he doesn’t care about them-He hasn’t got an friendly relationship with the murderous- Making them angry so that they would do what he wants them to do- he is still thinking about Duncan
Macbeth Act 4 “Thou art too like Banquo; down”- “;” shows the pause in the quote this shows that he had to stop and think-fear-silence-death-dead-Banquo and Macbeth had a friendly relationship as friends but then his greed got the best of him so he killed Banquo so he could save himself from getting discovered for killing King Duncan
Macbeth Act 5

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