Macbeth Reading Questions Act 1 (scenes 1-4)

sc1: Who will the witches meet? Macbeth
sc2: What does Malcolm ask the Sergeant to tell Duncan? what he knows about the battle.
sc2: What name does Macbeth deserve? “brave Macbeth”
sc2: The captain says,”Till he unseated him from the nave to the chops/ and fixed his head upon our battlements.” Who is the person doing the unseaming, and who is being unseamed? Macbeth unseamed Macdonwald
sc2: Who is the “most disloyal traitor?” The Baron of Cawdor
sc2: What title do they give to Macbeth? Baron of Cawdor
sc3: The witches greet Macbeth by three titles. What are the three? (1)Baron of Glamis (name by inheritance), (2)Baron of Cawdor (name given by king after stripping it from the previous baron), and (3)king.
sc3: What prophecy do the witches give to Banquo? that he will be less than Macbeth, and much greater; not as happy as Macbeth, only still much happier. His sons will be kings, but he will not.
sc3: What does Banquo say the “instruments of darkness” are capable of doing? “Tell us truths to win us over and so harm ourselves.”
sc3: In Macbeth’s short soliloquy, he argues that the witches’ prophecy cannot be “ill” because…why? because it has given him promise of success that began with a truth
sc3: In this short soliloquy, he (Macbeth) argues that it cannot be good. What images does he conjure that makes him feel frightened? The image of himself as Baron of Cawdor.
sc3: To satisfy his fear, Macbeth thinks it might be possible to be King without what? without his doing anything at all.
sc3: What reason does Banquo give to Ross and Angus for Macbeth’s odd behavior? new honors that are given to him are like new clothes that do not fit when new.
sc4: What does Malcolm report Cawdor did at his execution? confessed his treasons, begged to be pardoned, and seemed truly sorry.
sc4: “There is no art/ To find the mind’s construction in the face./ He was a gentleman on whom I built/ An absolute trust.” Who is speaking? Paraphrase the lines. King Duncan is speaking. He is saying that Cawdor is a good actor that even fooled him with his trust.
sc4: For what does Duncan apologize to Macbeth? the sin of his ingratitude
sc4: What does Duncan announce about Malcolm? that his eldest son is in line for the throne, but must still prove his worthiness; that he will be now called The Prince of Cumberland
sc4: Duncan says that they should go to “Inverness.” What is Inverness? Macbeth’s castle
sc4: What does Macbeth say about the Prince of Cumberland? that he is in his way (to get the throne.)