Macbeth quotes: Conflict + Kingship

“His brandished steel which smoked with bloody execution” “The tyrants people on both sides do fight” The play both starts and ends with conflict showing the importance of conflict and battle within the play
“I am his kinsman” “as his host” “I have no spur…but only vaulting ambition” Macbeth displays his inner conflict when he is deciding whether to kill Duncan or not
“Leave all the rest to me” “All hail Macbeth- that shalt be King hereafter” Lady Macbeth and the witches are the main instigators of conflict in the play
“Unseamed him from the nave to the chops” “Valiant cousin” “brave Macbeth” Conflict is presented in a good light in the beginning of the novel as Macbeth’s valor in battle is praised
“I have no spur…but only vaulting ambition” “…hath been so clear in his great offices” “Whose murder is yet but fantastical” Duncan is shown to be a good and just king which is proven by Macbeth’s hesitance to kill him
“Give me your hand/ conduct me to mine host” “You have loved him well/ he hath not touched you yet” Duncan was a kind king however he was not a good king because he was too trustworthy. Malcolm has learned from his failures
“By the grace of grace” “And the powers above/ put on their instruments” Malcolm is the rightful heir to the throne so he has God on his side
“Duncan is in his grave/ after life’s fitful fever he sleeps well” “What I am is thine and my poor countries” “I have no spur” Macbeth is a bad king because does not care about Scotland’s well being. This is the opposite of Malcom