The witches in Act I, scene i inform you that… They will see Macbeth after the battle
In Act I, scene ii, Duncan orders Ross to… Tell Macbeth he is the new Thane of Cawdor
In Act I, scene iii, Shakespeare most likely has the witches speak in rhyme instead of blank verse because… The rhymes sound like witches spells
Macbeth shows his ambition and curiosity about becoming king in Act I, scene iii when he… Questions the witches about the prophecies
Duncan says to Macbeth, “Would thou hadst less deserved,” in Act I, scene iv, line 18. What statement best clarifies Shakespeare’s unusual word order? “If only you had deserved less.”
How does Lady Macbeth know that Duncan is coming or her castle? A messenger tells her Duncan is coming
Lady Macbeth’s greeting in Act I, scene v, lines 51-55 shows that she… Wants to help Macbeth in his plot
Why is Duncan’s reference to Lady Macbeth as a “noble hostess” in Act I, scene vi, line 24 of this tragedy an example of dramatic irony? You know Lady Macbeth plans to murder him
What do both the summary of Act I, scene vii and the side note for lines 1-10 of this drama tell you? Macbeth has second thoughts about the plan
What do Macbeth and his wife do to make sure that Duncan’s guards are blamed for his death? Use the guards’ daggers to stab Duncan
Why is Banquo awake so late at night in Act II, scene i? His restless thoughts keep him awake
The side note for Act II, scene i, lines 24-28 of this drama helps you understand that Banquo… Puts his loyalty to the King ahead of ambition
What does Lady Macbeth say stopped her from killing Duncan? Duncan reminds her of her father
Macbeth most likely brings the bloody daggers to Lady Macbeth because he… Feels distressed and shocked at his actions
Who is the porter pretending to let into “hell”? People who have done wrong things in business
Shakespeare most likely has Macduff compare the murdered Duncan to a Gorgon because… The sight is frightening
In Act II, scene iii, Macduff refuses to tell Lady Macbeth what has happened because he… Believes she will die of shock and grief
When Banquo says he will oppose and fight the unknown traitor who killed Duncan in Act II, scene iii, he becomes one of the tragedy’s… Antagonists
Banquo has hope that his prophecy will come true because… Everything else the witches said has come true
Macbeth most likely questions Banquo about his journey in Act III, scene I because Macbeth… Needs information to give the murderers later
Which good quality does Macbeth say in Act III, scene i he most fears in Banquo? Wise courage
The two murderers agree to carry out Macbeth’s plan in Act III, scene i because… Difficult lives have made them violent men
Reread Act III, scene ii, lines 28-34 and the side noted this speech in the drama. Macbeth tells Lady Macbeth to… Act especially nicely and attentively to Banquo
Which sentence best explains the events in Act III, scene iii? Murderers confront Banquo and kill him but fail to kill Fleance
The ghost at dinner in Act III, scene iv causes Macbeth to… Become agitated and upset
Reread Act III, scene iv, lines 130-140. Which excerpt best reveals the weakness in character that is Macbeth’s tragic flaw? “For mine own good, / All causes shall give way.”
Which excerpt from Hecate’s speech in Act III, scene v foreshadows Macbeth’s downfall in this tragedy? “This night I’ll spend / Unto a dismal and a fatal end.”
Why is Macbeth preparing for war at the end of Act III? Malcolm and Macduff are preparing to fight him
What does the First Witch tell the witches to do in Act IV, scene i, lines 4-9? Throw the poisoned entrails into the cauldron
Macbeth most likely lists the destructive effects of the witches’ wind in Act IV, scene i in order to… Acknowledge their power over human beings
Act IV, scene i, lines 94-100 reveal that one aspect of Macbeth’s tragic flaw is… Overconfidence in himself
Why is Lady Macbeth angry with her husband in Act IV, scene ii? His leaving throws suspicious on his loyalty
Reread Act IV, scene ii, lines 77-78 and the side note for line 77 of this drama. Which sentence best paraphrases Lady Macduff’s insult? The murderer is so bad that the only places he can go are unholy ones
Why does Malcolm claim in Act IV, scene iii that Scotland with suffer more troubles? He has many flaws
King Edward’s special ability of healing disease through prayer shows that he… Rules justly and well
Reread the side note for Act IV, scene iii, lines 210-211 in this drama. What does Malcolm want Macduff to do to keep his heart from breaking? Express his grief over his family openly
In Act IV, scene iii, lines 224-230, Macduff blames the death of his wife and children on… His own sinfulness

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