Macbeth Q&A

Who’s the author? William Shakespeare
Who was Scotland fought against at the beginning of the splay? Norway
How does the play begin? With thunder and lightning. Plus, the witches meeting.
Who’s the main character? Macbeth
What did the 3 witches predict about Macbeth? He’ll become the Thane of Cawdor and eventually King of Scotland.
What’s Macbeth title at the beginning? Thane of Glamis
What’s Macbeth title afterward? Thane of Cawdor
Who’s Duncan? King of Scotland.
Who was Duncan successor to his throne? Malcolm
Where are the Scottish kings crowned? Scone.
During the night Duncan was murder, what was the weather like? Stormy and violent
Why did Macbeth decide to kill Duncan? So he can become King of Scotland as the witches predicted. Plus, his wife was constantly encouraging him to do so too.
Who encourage Macbeth to kill Duncan? Lady Macbeth
What’s Lady Macbeth signal to Macbeth to kill Duncan? The ringing bell.
How does Macbeth kill Duncan? Macbeth stabbed Duncan while he was asleep.
Who do Lady Macbeth blame for Duncan death? The drunken chamberlains
How does Macbeth justified his killing of the guard to everyone? He did it in anger over their bad deed of killing Duncan.
As Macbeth goes to kill Duncan, what appear in front of him? a bloody dagger floating in front of him.
Why did Macbeth murder the guard? to prevent them from claiming their innocent of Duncan murder.
Why did Macbeth decide/plan to kill Banquo and his son, Fleance? The witch predict that Banquo’s son, Fleance will become King of Scotland, so when Fleance is gone, Macbeth can be King w/no one in his way. Also, he decided to Kill Banquo because he know the witch prophecy.
When Macbeth finally became king, did he feel at ease? No, instead he feel uneasy because he remember the witches prophecy about Banquo son being King of Scotland.
How did Macbeth plan to kill Banquo and Fleance? He hired murderers to kill them.
Did both Fleance and Banquo die? No, only Banquo died while Fleance manage to escape from the murderer hired by Macbeth.
Who was blamed for Banquo murder? Fleance, who had escape.
What happen to Macbeth after he was inform that his plan to kill Banquo wasn’t successful? He started to seeing Banquo ghost during the Banquet .
How does Lady Macbeth justified her husband unusual behavior at the banquet? That Macbeth usually have these vision and the guest should just ignore him.
What happen to Malcolm and Donalbain when Duncan (their father) is killed? They flees because they were afraid they were going to be the next target and they were suspected by peoples that they murder their father.
Who does Lennox suspect to be the killer of Duncan and Banquo? Macbeth.
Where did Malcolm and Donalbain flees to? Malcolm flee to England while Donalbain goes to Ireland.
What did Macbeth do after hearing that Macduff is harmful to him? He send murderers to Macduff castle to kill his wife and childrens.
Why did Macduff goes to England? To persuade Malcolm to return and get his country back.
Who does Malcolm and Macbeth begged to help them defeat Macbeth? England’s King Edward
After hearing that his families was kill, how did Macduff react? He was filled with grief and vows to take revenge on Macbeth.
What cause Lady Macbeth to commit suicide? After hallucinating that there was bloods on her hands and nothing will wash it off.
What did the witches predicted about Macbeth to Macbeth when he came to them? Beware of Macduff, none of woman born / shall harm Macbeth”, and that he is safe until Birnam Wood moves to Dunsinane Hill.
How does Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane? Malcolm’s army hides behind cut-off tree branches
Why was Macbeth was left to fight alone? No one want to fight for him.
When Macbeth fight w/Macduff, how does Macduff response to Macbeth claim, that no man born of a woman can harm him? Macduff said he wasn’t born of a woman but a caesarean section
What did Macduff entered with at the castle after his battle w/Macbeth? Macbeth head.
Who become King of Scotland at the end of the story? Malcolm.
What type of work is this? A play
What’s the genre? Tragedy
What’s the setting? The Middle Ages in Scotland.
What’s the major conflicts? Macbeth struggles between his conscience and the ambition spawn by his wife, Lady Macbeth.
What is the rising action? Macbeth and Banquo confrontation with the witches.
What’s the climax? When Macbeth killed Duncan.
How many mens rule Scotland throughout the story? 3 (Duncan, Macbeth, Malcolm)
Who is the goddess of witchcraft in the play? Hecate
Before her death, what happen to Lady Macbeth? She was sleepwalking.
How does lady Macbeth die? She dies offstage.