Macbeth Preface

For whom did Shakespeare write Macbeth? King James
Explain the three difficulties found in reading The language, words, and sentence structure of Shakespeare Unusual sentence structure, double entendre, difficulty understanding poetic drama
Name one of the ways which Shakespeare employees word play Double entendre and puns
What are the months and years of Shakespeare’s birth and death Born April 15 64, died April 1616
Touch on the highlights of Shakespeare’s education Attended grammar school where he learned catechism and Latin
Why were theaters temporarily closed in London during Shakespeare’s run The plague affected people’s health
Name the three types of plays Shakespeare is noted for having written Tragedies, comedies and histories
Name the theater constructed by Shakespeare is acting company The globe theater
Name Shakespeare’s wife. How many children did he and his wife produce His wife’s name is Anne Hathaway; three children
Why were the years in which Shakespeare wrote amongst the most exciting in English history The discovery, translation, and the printing of Greek and Roman classics interacted with Christian text and beliefs
Name one of the rumors spread about Shakespeare that is unsubstantiated by documentation Shakespeare could barely read
Name two locations (other than theaters) where theater companies perform their plays At court and at the halls of universities
Name three theaters of the era other than the one constructed by Shakespeare’s company The swan, the curtain, the rose
Who are the “groundlings” People who stand in the yard; paid less to watch the play
Explain the terms folio and quarto Folio is a large page size of play, quarto is the smaller size
Identify some of the elements of McBeth corrected by the editors of Folger “for the convenience of the reader” Modernized punctuation, modernized spelling and modernized old forms of words
Name the acting troupe (both names) of which Shakespeare was a part of The kings men, Lord Chamberlain’s men

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