Macbeth Portion of English Midterm

Who is the author of Macbeth? William Shakespeare
How did William Shakespeare write Macbeth? In iambic pentameter
Macbeth is a play, so the genre is ___________. Drama
What is Macbeth based upon? Real historical figures
Macbeth was the king of ___________, and for how long? Macbeth was the King of Scotland for almost 2 decades.
What is Macbeth’s claim to the throne in real life? His claim to the throne was through his son because his wife was the one with the claim
Does Macbeth have a kid in the play? No
How does Macbeth begin the play? As the loyal Thane of Glamis
Who is Macbeth’s king in the beginning of the play? King Duncan
Why was Macbeth the hero of the day? Because he was a fierce warrior
Who was the enemy of the day and why? The disloyal Thane of Cawdor. He was a rebel/ traitor against king Duncan
What happened to the disloyal Thane of Cawdor? He was hanged for his treasonous behavior
Who becomes the new Thane of Cawdor after the disloyal one was hanged? Macbeth, but he does not know it yet
Who is Macbeth’s comrade? Banquo
Who are Macbeth and Banquo met by? Witches
What doe the witches hail Macbeth as? 1) Thane of Glamis2) Thane of Cawdor3) King
What do the witches tell Banquo? He will not become king but he will beget kings (his kids will be king)
Who does Macbeth write to, telling of the witches prophecies? His wife, Lady Macbeth
After Lady Macbeth hears of the witches prophecies what does she want her husband to do? But what does she fear? Lady Macbeth was Macbeth to kill King Duncan but she fears that he is too kind to do so.
Who wishes to be unsexed and why? Lady Macbeth wishes to be unsexed so that she can perform the male gender role of killing king Duncan
Who unlocks Macbeth’s fatal flaw? Lady Macbeth
What is Macbeth’s fatal flaw? Unbridled ambition
How does Lady Macbeth unlock her husbands fatal flaw? By questioning his manhood and courage
Lady Macbeth and Macbeth conspire to kill who? King Duncan
Who actually kills king Duncan? Macbeth
Why did Lady Macbeth kill King Duncan? He reminded her of her father
Why does Macbeth botch (mess up) the plan? So that Lady Macbeth must return to the scene of the crime and plant the dagger Macbeth used to kill King Duncan with on the drunken, passed out Chamberlains
Why were the Chamberlains drunk and passed out? They were set up by Macbeth and his wife so that he could plant the dagger on them and make it look like they murdered the king
What does Macbeth lament (say) shortly after murdering king Duncan? That all of Neptune’s great ocean could not wash the blood clean from his hands
When Macbeth laments that Neptune’s great ocean could not wash the blood clean from his hands, what does he mean? He cannot forget what he did not get rid of the guilt he has for doing it
How many sons did Duncan have? Who were they? 2, Malcom and Donaldbain
What did Duncan’s sons do after he was murdered? Malcom fled to England, Donaldbain to Ireland
What does Macbeth become after the murder of king Duncan? King of Scotland
How did Macbeth begin his rule over Scotland? He began as a popular and well liked ruler
How does Macbeth end his rule over Scotland? He ends as an unpopular tyrant
Who is Banquo’s son? Fleance
What does Macbeth decide about Banquo and Fleance? Why? That they must die because they know too much
How does Banquo get killed? By Macbeth’s hired murderers
Does Fleance get killed? No, he escapes.
What is the climax of the play? Fleance escaping the murderers
How does Banquo continue to appear throughout the play? As a ghost
What does Banquo appearing as a ghost represent? The manifestation of Macbeth’s ever-raging guilt complex
Where does Banquo’s ghost show up? What does he do? Banquo’s ghost shows up to a feast that MacBeth is having. He sits in Macbeth’s seat and torments him.
What happens after Banquo is done tormenting the king? Macbeth continuous his murdering and selfish acts
What does Macbeth conclude about his actions? That going back on his actions would be just as difficult as if he were to continue
Macbeth ascends into the _________________, but Lady Macbeth starts to ________. Male role, collapse
Lady Macbeth now says she has everything she wanted except for…… The happiness she thought would accompany the power
Macbeth tracks down the witches and they give him three new prophecies and apparitions: 1) Armed Head 2) Bloody Child 3) Child crowned with a tree branch in his hand
What does the armed head mean? It is a symbol of Macduff. Warns Macbeth to beware Macduff. This comes true because Macduff kills Macbeth
What does the bloody child mean? It is a symbol of Macduff at birth. Claims that Macbeth cannot be harmed by a man of a woman born.
How was Macduff born? C-section after his mom dyed while giving birth
What does the Child crowned with a tree branch in his hand mean? It is a symbol of Malcom. It tells Macbeth that he can’t be vanquished until Birnam wood comes to dunsinane hill.
When does the apparition of the Child crowned with a tree branch in hand come true? When Malcom orders his soldiers to cut down tree branches from Birnam wood and carry it to Macbeth at dunsinane. They do this to disguise their numbers
What is Dunsinane? Macbeth’s Castle in Scotland
Why did Macduff go to England? To tell Malcom to come back to Scotland and take the throne
Why doesn’t Malcom trust Macduff? Because he left his family unprotected
How does Malcom test Macbeth? By pretending to be a worse individual than Macbeth
Now that Malcom trusts Macduff, they become _______. Allies
When Macbeth finds out that Macduff has gone to England, what does he do? Macbeth hires murderers to kill macduffs family
How big is Malcom’s army? 10,000
Who led Malcom’s army? An English general named Siward
Who does Macduff vow to kill and why? Macbeth because he murdered the innocent family that the Thane of fife left behind
Who is the Thane of fife? Macduff
When does Lady Macbeth totally collapse? The sleepwalking scene
Who says “Out, dammed spot! Out, I say!” Lady Macbeth
What does Lady Macbeth admit to? The murder of Duncan, Banquo, and Lady Macduff
What does Lady Macbeth try to remove? The nonexistent blood fro, her hands (echoing her husband’s sentiments after the murder of king Duncan)
How does Lady Macbeth die? She kills herself
Lady Macbeth’s suicide cause Macbeth to launch the _____________ soliloquy. Tomorrow
What does Macbeth compare life to? What is the quote? He compares life to a brief candle, “Out, out brief candle!”
Do all the apparitions come true? Yes
Who is Macbeth killed by? Macduff
Who becomes king of Scotland by the end of the play? Malcolm

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