Macbeth Plot Summary Act 5

5.1 Night Terror-LMB’s nurse calls in a doctor to observe her as she sleepwalks and confesses to her crimes.
5.2 For Scotland-Macduff’s army is ready for battle
5.3 Seyton + Death-Seyton tells Macbeth about LMB’s death but he is not concerned. Due to the prophecy all he can be concerned with is the battle he is to face.
5.4 Game Day-The soilders of Macduff’s army begin into battle hiding behind branches
5.5 Birnam Wood-Macbeth believes that he sees Birnam wood moving, while in reality it is the soldiers behind branches
5.6 Motivation-Malcolm continues to encourage his troops as they attack Dunsinane
5.7 Surrender-Young Siward is killed, Macduff seeks revenge, Seyton suggests Macbeth allows enemy troops in, and Malcolm + troops take Dunsinane
5.8 C-Section-Macbeth and Macduff confront each other on the battlefield where Macduff reveals he was born of a c-section and Macbeth is slain
5.9 Scotland Anew-Malcolm gives his first speech as the new king of Scotland