Macbeth Plot Summary Act 1

1.1 Fair and Foul- The witches discuss when they will meet again + meet Macbeth
1.2 Brave-A wounded solider praises Macbeth as brave and recounts what happened on the battlefield
1.3 Lion King-Macbeth and Banquo recieve their prophecies from the witches. Macbeth just cannot wait to be king, while Banquo is skeptical that he will beget kings.
1.4 Friendly Competition-Malcolm tells Duncan of the execution of the Thane of Cawdor and Macbeth and Banquo are praised, but Malcom is revealed to be the next king.
1.5 Letter-LMB Recieves a letter from her husband about the prophecy and teaches him to look like the flower but be the serpent underneath it.
1.6 Flowery Hostess-LMB acts as a good hostess to the king and his son, Malcolm, as they stay at Inverness.
1.7 Second Thoughts-Macbeth is having second thoughts about murdering the king, but LMB is able to convince him that it is necessary.

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