Macbeth part 2

what happens when the murderers attack Banquo and Fleance? they kill Banquo and Fleance escapes
why do they say the “best half” got away? he’s the main part of the witches prophesy
how does scene 4 of act 3 begin? they are planning the dinner party, everyone is very calm, sane, and rational
how does Macbeth react when he sees the first murderer in the doorway? he’s happy banquo’s dead, upset that Fleance escaped(Banquo’s son)
who enters and takes Macbeth’s seat? ghost of Banquo
what is Macbeth’s initial reaction to spotting Banquo’s ghost? he wants to know whose responsible for it
how does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s confusing statements? it’s a condition he’s had it since childhood, just ignore it and it will go away
what does Lady Macbeth say to Macbeth at the dinner table? questions his manhood, he needs to pull it together, he has a room full of guest that are watching him
why does everyone leave the party? lady Macbeth sends them all away
what does Macbeth plan to do the next day? go see the weird sisters
what does Hectate tell the 3 witches? you shouldn’t have told Macbeth those prophecies especially with out me, because look at all the damage it has done; Macbeth will come and find you tomorrow and I will be there
what does Lennox tell us about Macduff? he’s living in disgrace, he is going to England to meet with Malcolm to plan to overthrow Macbeth
what does the Lord tell Lennox? Macbeth knows Macduff is doing and is planning for war; Lord says that there are bad things in Scotland right now
what are the witches doing when scene 1 of act 4 opens? making a potion in the caldron
what is the refrain or chorus of their song? double double toil and trouble fire burn and caldron trouble
how does Macbeth greet the witches? secret back midnight hags
what is the first apparition and what does it prophesy? head with a helmet and tells him to beware of Macbeth
what is the second apparition and what does it prophesy? bloody child tells him that no one born of women can harm him
what is the third apparition? a child wearing a crown holding a tree; Macbeth wont be overthrown till Burnem wood moves to Dunsinane (Macbeth’s class)
how does Macbeth plan to protect himself from Macduff’s threat? going to his family
how does Lady Macduff react when Ross tells her that Macduff has gone to England? she believes he his a traitor to his family
why does Lady Macduff tell her son that his father is dead? that’s what happens to traitors
what happens at the end of scene 2 of act 4? the son is killed and mom runs
how does Macduff feel about Scotland at the beginning of the scene? needs help, bad, not a good place
how does Macduff characterize Macbeth? worst of the demons in hell
how does Malcolm characterize himself initially in this scene? horrible person with no good virtues that a king needs
Macduff tries to persuade Malcolm that he is fit to rule, but eventually Macduff says what? Macduff- O Scotland! Scotland! not fit to rule
what does Malcolm say after Macduff’s outburst? testing him to see his intentions about Scotland
what has old Siward done? he is England’s best king and he has ordered 10,000 troops to overthrow Macbeth
what do we learn about the king of England? he’s a healer
how does Ross describe Scotland to Macduff? a grave
what is Macduff’s reaction to the murder of his wife and children? devastated and angry
how does Malcolm respond to the news? make sure to grieve, but use that emotion to get back at Macbeth
according to the waiting gentlewomen, what has Lady Macbeth been doing? she gets up, puts on her robe, gets a paper folds it up and starts fake washing her hands aggressively
when Lady Macbeth first enters the scene, what is she saying and doing? “out, damned spot!” she is washing her hands
what does the gentlewomen say about trading places with Lady Macbeth? she would never if it meant her being so troubled
what does the doctor do for Lady Macbeth? nothing, theirs he can do
what do the noblemen propose to do? go to Burnem and join the English forces to help overthrow Macbeth
what is Macbeth doing in preparation for the attack? prepared the castle to wait it out; rumor has that Macbeth lost his mind
how does Macbeth reassure himself in the beginning of the scene? the prophecies (witches)
what does Seyton tell Macbeth? 10 thousand troop moving his way
What does the doctor tell Macbeth about Lady Macbeth’s condition? she’s not sick, something is troubling her to where she cant sleep
When Macbeth tells the doctor to cure her, how does the doctor respond? nothing he can do, she has to do it by herself
what does Malcolm command the soldiers to do with the trees in Burnem Wood? cut down a branch so that Macbeth can’t tell how many people their are
what does Macbeth say about the possibility of the army attempting to besiege the castle? finds it amusing and says that he has everything he needs in the castle
why do the women cry out? found Lady Macbeth cry out
what is Macbeth’s response to Lady Macbeth’s death? he wishes it would have happened later because he doesn’t have time to grieve
what happens in scene 6 act 5? army arrives at castle and gets ready to attack
what happens between young Siward and Macbeth? they fight and Macbeth kills young Siward
why is Macduff able to kill Macbeth? he was not technically born of women his mom had a sea section
how does the play end? Malcolm becomes king of Scotland